Milo Yiannopoulos on The Herland Report TV (HTV)

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Herland Report TV (HTV) features Milo Yiannopoulos in a series of upcoming interviews on our TV Channel. SUBSCRIBE AND FOLLOW The Herland Report TV Channel:

Watch the first show with Milo here:

Milo Yiannopoulos is a leading free-thinker in the West, an unusual intellectual with provoking technique of fearless speech that enrages the arrogant Western elites. He is also a New York TImes best selling author and an internet guru with his newly released The MILO Show at

MILO will appear at The Herland Report in provokingly honest conversations about the deterioration of freedom in the West, our eroding democracies where the interests of the 1 % is served, the lack of respect for the diversity of opinion and about his book DANGEROUS.

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AQ999 CH999 says:

Så du har intervjuet Yiannopoulos?! Bra jobbet å få til et slikt intervju! Når får vi se hele?

Кагир Асланов says:

Токое тупое видио

Edgardo de la Vega y Torres says:

There was a time when the white left was pro-White. Not anymore. The left does want to see the end of white European Civilisation.

Peter GNG says:

The KHAZARIAN Mafia are wanting to destroy AMERICA, and take its wealth, resources, and secrets beneath the ground for themselves.

A Veteran / Insider

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