Missing teen from Pennsylvania found safe in Mexico

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The 45-year-old man she was with is in custody and facing extradition.


Keven Rodriguez says:

Is abc news in new york

bigart1993 says:

Judging by the constant grin on his face after arrest, I'd say "mission accomplished"!

Elaine Liu says:

Thanks God she went home safely! She looks like Disney cartoon Mulan.

VG Dubrovin says:

should have waited 2 years dude

vase david says:

you know that guy pounded that asian raw fish a few dozen times

Siillaarriel says:

i never worry when little sluts go missing, not even worth it.


Whore sum ting wong.

Hassan Pipiltinquimichtin says:

The pedophile with glasses is an American.

son dang says:

Damn i though asian is smart apparently not every one of them. And for those people with these racial jokes bitch its happens to everyone ok she just happen to be a dumb one and asian at the same time

The Truth says:

So California's own Roy Moore.


Pedos play on girls with daddy issues ..sad..


Thank God..

The Rap Vault says:

Hey Trump White Americans are Terrorist, Rapists & Pedophiles & I Assume some are good People

David Archer says:

He won't get a slap on the wrist like the female teachers do.

Words for You says:

His wife is ugly

Will The One says:

Age of consent or not, wtf is a 45 yo doing with a 16 yo teenager. This is disgusting, I’m sure any father would agree that’s a nasty pedophile you don’t want near your children. Lock him up, inmates can teach him a lesson

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