Siblings allegedly held captive free for 1st time

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Seven of the 13 siblings who were allegedly held captive by their parents, David and Louise Turpin, got their first taste of freedom last week, ABC News has exclusively learned.



How are the media able to uncensored this faces? That is illegal because your showing faces of a minor that can't be shown and how were they able to get such footage of it?

94KX says:

Am I the only one who wants to bash in their dad's face? He looks drunk off his mind as an incestous creep

Diys Y says:

Awww I just hope they can be reunited soon

Stacie Mills says:

Can you imagine how strange the world must be for these older kids? I feel like the younger ones may have an easier time acclimating to society than the adults. They’ve been held in a state of perpetual, tortured childhood. I really think it sounds like the mental health professionals are doing a wonderful job easing them all into this new world.

Matt Schehr says:

Put all the siblings into one home to be free

Agent_of_Chaos says:

They’ve been outside, they’ve been to Disney land and Las Vegas.

ME says:

The Best Wishes for them and I hope they can full fill their maximum potential In Life with the Grace of God

Daniel Thomas says:

Screwed up that the family is split apart.

Daniel Thomas says:

Wonder how many people are locked in houses across America.

Hallands Menved says:

Yeah, that's right, Abc News, don't bother punctuating your sentences. You'll probably mess it up anyway… Oh, and good! Always stay with the "alleged" – exept when smearing President Trump, of course – in such rare cases, you just say whatever you like, mmmm?

Daryl Leckt says:

good thing they all have jobs and their employers provide (mental) health care.

T. Dot says:

Any of the older girls want a man I'm down.

Obito Uchiha says:

What do they look like lol

Divinity Dark Matters says:

Demented retarded ass parents .. Geez .. Live in peace now ..

KainetheWusky says:

I hope the parents get raped in the mouth by a man whore named booker

Paul Drake says:

They should rent the movie Children of the corn and watch it.

Kristen berer says:

There is so much media BS with this story. Held captive and they didnt know what police were but they had internet access and at least 2 were in college. The parents are horrible people but there is a huge amount of sensationalism by the media

Annie says:

I wish those children the best of the best in life.
They deserve to be happy and catch up with life.

easydoz1 says:

Wait till they see Avatar…

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