Trump makes up facts in Trudeau meeting

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U.S. President Donald Trump boasted during a fundraising speech in Missouri on Wednesday that he made up facts about trade in a meeting with Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, according to a recording of the comments obtained by the Washington Post.

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Gallo sky says:

Trudeau is naive child running a country. Trump has proven it.

tamething1 says:

The CBC makes up “facts,” and gluts on your tax dollars to brainwash you with them.

David Farnell says:

As a Canadian, I would far rather have Trump running my county than Trudeau. He is making Canada a hellhole for all mankind…er…peoplekind.

J Henn says:

A none story. Thanks CBC

Ms Londoner says:

Donald Trump is the best thing that ever happened to America. You are too short sighted to see what he's doing.

fcvmelfvl says:

Other News sources show that there is a trade deficit with China, Canada and Mexico. These figures I saw were the same I saw on MSN Money, so perhaps CBC should return to real Journalism and verify its facts. Here are two of six news sources I visited who say opposite to what the Canadian Foreign Minister says and what CBC reports.

U.S. trade deficit is getting bigger
by Patrick Gillespie @CNNMoney
July 6, 2017: 12:11 PM ET

CNN for crying out loud, they even admit the trade deficit with Canada exist.

U.S. Trade Deficit by Country, with Current Statistics and Issues
By Kimberly Amadeo , The BALANCE
Updated March 05, 2018

Canadian News agencies would serve the public better if they verified the information given by their sources because it make CBC look like an anti-Trump smear campaign which is very unprofessional. Fire any liars, anyone less than honest who will lie simply to make Trump look bad. If the people can't rely on news outlets to tell them the truth, why bother tuning in to their station? Keep things honest and save your jobs.

Matt Havens says:

Trump is a half stunned prick.

paper towel says:

At least trump admits it

Grace Bertrand says:

AND he was found to be wrong… When's he leaving? Please God!!!

Gauvy Wan Konobi says:

Wild how they twist and spin… All trump is trying to say is once you throw in all trade for everything including lumber and power… Once you include whole picture then yes Canada has a surplus… The only thing Trump is admitting to not knowing is the specific number… This is truly appalling reporting and the bias shines thru like a red flag. They are deceiving you by picking certain industries and omitting others.

monica wilson says:

Trump trudeau did not deserve to be pm or president ….

eugene peterson says:

Canada elected a person who tries to be so politically correct that he can not push key issues so we are back to four jerk banks running this country at least trump ignores the jerk bankers. Better than reacting to hurt feelings. Hopefully we don’t get back into the UN Security Council or our jerk banks will have Canada declare war on Australia because one of their jerk bankers called one of our jerk banks “uncivil”.

steve bennetts says:

Bahahaha…… Seriously?? Any real news today?

Dave D says:

Trump lying is news?how about when he tells the truth?it might be a long wait for that to happen even when he talks to Mueller.

ig33ku says:

Trudeau didn't even know he was being fooled eh? tsk tsk tsk

Chris Stoddart says:

Maybe if Trudeau knew anything he could have corrected him but we know that could never happen.

voidremoved says:

we Canadians understand that Justin trudeau was pre-programmed with 1 sentence. He had to barge in to the room and speak it before he burnt out, requiring a hard reset. We Canadians know how president Trump responds to aggression.

edsemaj me says:

CBC….listen up….we have a kid as A PM making so many ridiculous statements …..its all futtle duttle news….i figure Trump is entitled to address our PM with a lack of respect that he has earned so well

Templar Rising says:

imam turdeau is an embarrassment to humanity

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