Trump to Meet Putin and Discuss ‘Out of Control Arms Race’

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US President Donald Trump said he will meet his Russian counterpart Vladimir Putin in the not too distant future to discuss an arms race that Trump called “out of control.” He also congratulated Putin on his election victory.

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horsefaceemily says:

Globelists elite`s ect = new ju order and they want us all dead ! kids to.

Fed up American says:

And behind our backs, they all go out to nice dinners at posh places, laughing and playing the world like a chess game.

KirkJ Gries says:

Trump and Putin need to work together in order to stop a war that we both will loose.

Dennis Swanson says:

Netanyshu and friends write the scrip, you'd think goyim would catch on eventually and follow the money but nope, that ain't gonna happen.

Avis Swope says:


DeepStateExposed says:

Donald Trump is not making decisions. He's being run by the US military to dismantle corruption. This cover up is enormous and all the evidence begins with the story leaked in my profile.

Thatusernameisnotavailable says:

It looks racist. Reminds me of when they blamed Cherokee for everything up until Bush recognized them and gave 4wks to Washington with 180mill theyve collected to clear out the radioactive materials from Stevens Cty which never happened and were fined each day it wasnt mined military wouldnt do it do they were cut further in defense funds as other US militarys work everyday jobs to fund theirs. In 2011 half of the material was removed Greguirre put a protection act on the uranium statings its the last batch. Russia offered to help even us in Spokane were ready to move out to mine it out but nope they blocked all routs there. We had no protective gear they said. Then whats Hanfords employees wearing? Sheets and duct tape and I swear they share 1 lead jacket.

Stive Rosen says:

Control arms race? Trump over and over says build up military.


an other false flag ?

sunwarz says:

Maybe the plan is, that if Trump is for any reason assassinated, or voted out and the deep state regains control, Russia will attack the deep state globalists strong holds within the US, not actually attacking the Citizens but the enemy's within! The deep state globalists may already know this, that's why they want people to fear Russia, so that off it happens they can say I told you so, and gain support of the country to actually back them in a war against Evil Russia! I think that China is with the deep state globalists! And as it stands right now there is an understanding behind the scenes between trump and Putin, and a few other allied country's to continue the fight against the deep state globalist NWO, UN, no matter what goes down?

Keith Nelson says:

so whereas the big boys talk about "out of control" and set to lead by example will be preferred fuel to add to the fire of disarming the US citizenry

Zev Bellringer says:

Well, you have to ask yourself, why would Putin stop a road that would enter his country from Khazaria? The answer should be obvious to anyone who is awake. 😉

Gene Hamilton says:

There is nothing out of control but the U.S. Government.

Amino's Truth 2 says:

(((Trump))) & (((Putin))) are on the same team and controlled by the same (((PTB))). Chabad Lubavitch is all over them, specifically Rabbi Lazar who's frequently seen aside Putin. Know the NOSE!

Mike Doyle says:

Don't yup realize there are different factions fighting for power? You make it seem like everything is fake and set up when there are real consequences. It doesn't matter that the bankers hedge and fund both sides

negro 7 says:

America doesn't want Russia bombing there home so it becomes a bet

negro 7 says:

So there going to talk about the rules in there proxi war in Syria

negro 7 says:

Obama was shaking hands with gaddfy in lybia before they killed him

Glasgowlass says:

All these world leaders are all controlled puppets for the Rothschild satanic family, all in it together on the worlds stage.

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