U.S. students walk out of class in protest of gun violence

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Students across the United States walked out of class today to protest gun violence and pressure federal lawmakers to enact gun control laws. It was a month to the day after authorities say a former student walked into Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Fla., and opened fire, killing 14 students and three staff members.

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Buford ButtFish says:

It's CRIMINAL VIOLENCE! Inanimate objects cannot be blamed.

lucky lobnots says:

You can ban guns but you can't ban violence

GADefence says:

"Preventing criminals from getting guns is somehow empowering criminals."

Basically, the right.

Thomas Farrington says:

We need guns!

John Boy says:

Protest the violent movies and games also violent music in culture????

John Boy says:

No protests for last 30years of school shootings till now..

John Boy says:

Yes walk out kids and educate yourself, be the change you wish to see in the world.

Known Only says:

Well banning guns at school isn't gonna stop psychos from walking into them with guns………

Spino walker says:

Said it well minus the assault part 3:50

svenm Sandity says:

Here is the ultimate tool to keep schools safe and ditchers in class or ignored but a smart system with security cameras so if some one comes to the school whos say a adult using say ai camera sense google making the ultimate developer tool for these e kinds of things it could potentally be a free way to protect your home a camera out side your door with camera looks for thiefs est car thieves and these smart data mining cameras can be put in all areas of public so that fast food worker who scatches his butt but not washes his hands will be fired

Spino walker says:

I really don’t want guns to get banned though

Gone Fishing says:

Your teachers unions at work!! It is sick how they use kids!

vanillamasterblaster says:

Stockpile firearms and ammo to counter protest.

vanillamasterblaster says:

I counter protested this walkout by looking for more new guns to buy,did buy one and I have a few more I am interested in. The IWI Galil Ace(Israeli made) may be the next one,cool gun check it out.

Hammy Red says:

Us students paid to walk out

Mr Kanook says:

Not all the walk out students were protesting, some were there to remember the lives lost only. Some were there to get out of class and some pressured to be there because they didn't want to be bullied by their peers because their view is different. But by all means, don't let the facts get in the way of a good story.

swell411 says:

stop the bullying which is the root of the problem

dan the man says:

politicizing children
of coarse children know what is best for society

Rufio La Femme says:

Is there a reason the Canada News isn't reporting ANYTHING about Lauren Southern getting denied access to the UK. Yet you post this terrible video showing ignorant children walking out of their indoctrinated "education". What a time to be alive.

bdawk20 says:

Nothing will encourage a psycho with a gun to go into a school more than the psycho knowing that the school is a gun-free zone. #ArmTheTeachers #DefendThe2nd #FuckTheMedia

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