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Nepal’s cricket team has been a reason for celebration for many in the country after it finally won the ODI status – that is one-day international status. They can now sit on the top table of the one-day game alongside India, Australia, England and other top cricketing nations.

Al Jazeera’s Subina Shrestha reports from Kathmandu.

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Ojashvi Chirag says:

Thank you Subina Didi for this beautiful coverage. Congratulations to all Nepalese.

Last Avenger says:

Beggars should not try to play gentleman's game

Ashish Kalkal says:

Congratulations to Nepal from India

Pashto Music channel says:

Congrats Nepal from Afghanistan.

Dustu Lok Vansih says:

congrats Nepal from India

Kanishka kushana says:

good luck Nepal cricket team ,cant wait for you to play cricket with us!! i hope India invites you for your first overseas bilateral tour!


"Watchman Country"!

Michel Modusudhan says:

They look like humans…not indian hindus….good job nepalis

Tipu Sultan says:

Great Job Nepal Team. Love
From Pakistan.


They look like Indians!……
Wait they are Indians….!

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