🇸🇦 What impression is Mohammed bin Salman making globally? | Inside Story

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What impression is Saudi crown prince making globally? | Inside Story

The Saudi Crown Prince is promoting himself as a social and an economic reformer – reinventing his Kingdom for the modern era.

But since his rise to power last year, Mohammed bin Salman has been a controversial figure.

He has put together a range of reforms at home, including easing restrictions on women’s rights, and a more open policy on entertainment and public performances.

And he is behind a major anti-corruption drive targeting the Saudi elite, which critics say also removes domestic rivals.

The United Nations says the Saudi bombing campaign in Yemen has contributed to one of the world’s worst humanitarian crises. And the Crown Prince has hit out at Iran, comparing the country’s Supreme leader to Adolf Hitler.

And now reports have emerged of a plan to reshape the political map of the Middle East and fracture the Gulf Cooperation Council.

Presenter: Laura Kyle


Joe Macaron – Policy analyst at the Arab Center Washington DC.

Rami Khouri, a Senior Public Policy Fellow and adjunct professor of journalism at the American University of Beirut.

Sami Hamdi, Editor-in-Chief of International Interest.

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Monoar Bin ahmed says:

Problem is Shia Iran, Qatar should kick out Iran

Andualem Kassaye says:

aljazeera is just the parrot of these very devious but small quatari leadership which has been backing terrorists for almost 20 years

Binu Jasim says:

He is dumb, but he thinks he is smart. This kind of people are the most dangerous. But he has power as well. Then can you imagine how deadly is that?

Michael Gfroerer says:

The Saudis and the Republicans are both a bad joke waiting to happen. The Saudi Crown Prince spending $700 million for a pleasure yacht he bought on a whim? Now he wants to crack down on corruption? You don't change a country by dictating what people can and cannot do, you change a country by listening. Obviously the Saudis and the Republicans have zero ability to listen to anything besides greed and ideology.

Sam Ayoub says:

He hurt so many people around him with his crackdown, created so many enemies.
I think his days are numbered, don't be surprised if his assassinated sooner or later, by his inner circle.

chek887 says:

He is a good puppet of US/UK
They keep him as long as he buy their ammunition, fix their deficits, help them go through brexit safely etc …we have seen these smiles before!

Francis Godinho says:

Saudi Arabia should open the doors to all peace-loving people who have made Arabia great. What do I mean all people? There are tens of thousands foreigners are working for the Arabs who are about 10'000 citizen tied to the King, or the House of Saud. The workers have no say, no freedom, no protection. The law protects the local Arabs. Not the foreign workers. Time to introduce more freedom and protect against abuse by Arabs. Time to have a place of worship for all workers from India. Christan Church, Hindu temples, Buddhist place. And Time for Saudi Arabia to recognize Israel. Israel is Saudis last hope. America protects Saudi Arabia Without America, and Israelis watching daily, Saudis have too many enemies ready to grab the oil wealth.

Bunny Hop says:

This is a big mistake for the USA
What a disgrace

Mercy Chanter says:

It's all about money and power. If Trump did not sell him weapons, UK, Russia, China would.

7charlierox says:

hosted by a convicted pedophile , well that's classy .

Gabriel Bays says:

Hello, I am a member of the Indigenous Native American People of the so called United States. He is meeting with thieves. It saddens us as a people that the crown Prince of Arabia would be seen dealing with thieves. But then again we see him dealing with Israel. So we as a people wonder if he even knows who he is, and what he represents.
We as a people would hate to make an enemy of the people of Saudi Arabia. But then again they have been prospering from the stolen wealths and lands of the Western Hemisphere for generations.
We as a people see shame in the house of Saud. Are we to make an example of the Saudi people here in America to send a message of the seriuosness of the matter?
We as a people call for sanctions against the United States for the crimes against humanity with the Genocide and Oppression of the true American People. The indigenous Native American People. Thank you. Bless you.

Fred DeBono says:

Excellent episode – Rami Khoury, what a class……thank you

rah aw06 says:

qatar and saudi arabia are both terrorist countries.

bla ba says:

a good impression !

Homa Monfared says:

He is Netanyahu and Kushner's puppet, US, UK sold 500 Billions weapon deal for making a war Saudi and all those stupid Arabs to fight with Iran, Netanyahu's plan for Muslim to kill Muslim and these idiots don't understand, after all is Israel has plan for Arabs, they call it Israkill…..

Zaki Muhammed says:

Gown Prince Mohamed Bin Salman is a SHAME TO THE MUSLIM COMMUNITY.
He is a Better Example of how to be the JEW AND AMERICAN SLAVE & TERRORISM.

javaguru4u says:

sick sick people!

issareign says:

He looks like a badly drawn cartoon

thanx red says:

he is puppet of Mosad

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