🇺🇸 Texas on edge as police hunt for ‘serial bomber’ | Al Jazeera English

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Police in Texas are looking for what they suspect is a serial bomber, after an explosion at a FedEx depot. They have identified several people of interest, but no clear suspects have emerged.

A package bomb filled with nails and shrapnel exploded at the distribution centre early on Tuesday.

It is the fifth bombing in the state this month, which police believe are all linked.
Al Jazeera’s John Hendren reports from Austin, Texas.

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black capped Chickadee says:

muslim americans and americans spreading death and carnage, trump say's give em more guns

Bobcat bobcat says:

Find this bomber and drone strike his house

Mazen Ahmed says:

redneck white man terrorism at its best. he will be shot or apprehend soon.

Bilal Ahm says:

Another one

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