🔴WATCH LIVE: President Trump Gives Remarks on Opioid Epidemic

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Starting at 2:40 PM EST, President Trump will deliver remarks regarding the ongoing opioid epidemic in the US.

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nalejbank says:

Stop taking them! Make sure you know there are NO opiods in anything you put in your body!

Stay Patriot says:

Enjoy this Time in our History— till we fall back- in 2024 hopefully, to either a Vanilla Rino, or a Marxist Liberal.

Stay Patriot says:

and CNN will now defend Drug Dealers from the evil Trump in 3,, 2,, 1,,

TheMetalGuy852 says:

Hottest first lady ever

astrobot702 says:

Heart my FLOTUS

doitee52 says:

President Trump plays hard ball all the time and we need that now!

Katie R says:


Lisa Loves says:

Here's NEW info.on SES 1. YT> The Untouchables < 2. YT > Shadow Government is Collapsing < By American Intelligence Media . Obama added 40%more by 2016,their every where to control the Federal Gov. and more. Please share these YT it's so important .

Classical music 74 says:

This man President Trump truly care about this country and the people. What would it be like if Hillary Clinton was the president? I have goose bumps just thinking of it.

randall macphee says:

It's time for someone to make the left stop their intense , relentless attempt to destroy our president ; he's looking older and very tired , something must be done . A constitutional strong American president has ruined plans to destroy our rights, take our guns and make America part of the socialist communist world order .

bigstepguy says:

Legislators there are many of us Americans who want the death penalty deterrent for kingpin drug dealers, prison is not scary enough for them because of all their money. Please get to work on a death penalty bill and bring it to the floor.

Mark Grayson says:

What an awesome, kick ass President! How can you not love he and his wife for the sacrifices they have made for this country? Keeping another promise and constantly working to Make America Great Again! God Bless him.

christee Quilter says:

I agree. We have to get tough. Amen!!!!

Norris Freedman says:

He knows what he’s talking about. His brother died from alcohol addiction, just as bad as drugs.

sandy mac says:

the crisis in the back bedroom.

Julie B says:

The reason I did not get into drugs was the video's shown in school that showed what happened when you take drugs. I so did not want to end up there. There was even the withdrawals when coming off the drugs.

Luke37 says:

The first lady is fantastic she's doing a great job

D M says:

It is an honor to have the president in my state!

Jason Kiefel says:

Outlaw fentanyl in the country? Is that the answer? Thats one of the main prescription opioid drug thats killing people who dont have prescriptions for it. Plus fentanyl is being smuggled in to the US from China and Mexico And being sold to our kids or relatives and friends. You dont have to take much for it to cause problems or death.. The OD numbers will fall if we can stop the street market. Also lock your meds up! IM not saying other opioids dont cause death. IF abused or taking without prescription from your dr. It all can be deadly if abused and not monitored by dr's.
There is people who NEED there pain meds to have a good quality of life because the amount of chronic pain they have to deal with. There has to be compassion for not only the addicted but the people who are able to have a productive life because they can have pain relief through out the day with help from pain meds.
Clean out your medicine cabinets of old prescriptions or if not needed.

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