🔴WATCH: White House Press Briefing w/ Sarah Sanders – 3/20/17

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Tuesday, March 20th, 2018: Watch live as Principle Press Secretary Sarah Sanders holds a press briefing live from the White House inside the James S. Brady Press Briefing room. Watch the live stream and replay of the event here.

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GD Tractor says:

She SOOOOO Rocks !! Such a great job !!!

lvk4pj says:

These People are Vipers!

sk y says:

Love from Armenia

Mylea West says:

Why, why do these videos always start so early? Lol… And the music SMH hahah

Qque Whatda says:

SARAH rocks

Piano Lady says:

Trump isn't buying the nerve gas poisoning in Britain was done by "Russia" … good for him.

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