A First Look At The DOJ Indictments Against The Clinton Crime Network

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Fired FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe’s statement following his dismissal may have incriminated former FBI Director James Comey, according to George Washington University law professor Jonathan Turley. www.infowars.com/law-professor-mccabe-may-have-incriminated-comey-in-statement/
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Lazarus Seven says:

Mueller a Marine, Semper Fi?

J PB says:

the title is misleading, there is nothing of substance here.

acorn sucks says:

Voter fraud put Obama over the top against Romney.

D Thomas says:

end all abortions

Marie Saqueton says:


Marc Run says:

Alex your last words you shared really touched me you're the man

Marc Run says:

why is Hillary Clinton out of country Hillary you should be in jail

George Moody says:

Trump goo goo GA GA cult…Love Trump

Tejano214TriggeringTheLibs 214 says:

Trump is bringing back what we used to be before a strong constitutional patriotic nationalist country and that' is what the left fears the most that we the people will over throw they're communist agendas and their utopian ideas or views

Watchmantoday Vaughn says:

t is the enemy Within that is most dangerous! It is the Enemy within that tries to get us to believe there is justification for Ungodly Sin!! It is that old adversary that can actually bring out the best of Christ in our lives as God has his hand on many things and knows the outcome Beforehand!! Always Pray and Believe your prayers are heard!!

robert j mcgregor says:

this is taking way too long

Boris Badenov says:

This is Kallstrom's opinion, no facts, no investigation. Where are the sources for this story of a DOJ investigation of Clinton?
Aside from Infowars, I don't see it. The Huffington Post has retracted their story. Snopes says "False".
So far this looks like a fake news story.

Djem Eiland says:

Alex is wiped out tired – you can tell by his voice. He tends to ramble on then.

Mark Edward. says:

Here's the thing, if it was average Americans accused of these crimes, you can be ASSured swat teams with judge approved warrants would have invaded people's homes, with full auto AR-15s , flash grenades and other weapons buy groups of trigger happy most often ex war veterans who terrorize capture dead or alive those people haul them to prisons where that same or compliant judge dictates laws and makes judgements that far two often violate those average citizens rights. No, these people commit freaking TREASON, MURDER OF ITS OWN CITIZENS, THEFT AND MORE AND WE PAY FOR A COURT CASE ? If trump or any one or branch of this government was for the people, these people would be in prison or graves. They attacked this country, incited riots and acts of domestic terrorism, and you make excuses for this government ? These courts ? All corrupt ALL OF THEM…ASK ANYONE, THIS IS BEYOND TRUMP…RESIST THEIR PROGRAMMING

Mike Brady says:

Hey Infowars! Shave some bass out of the audio. Alex's voice blows out my subwoofer!

Julie Hall says:

Alex,Ive always took Trumps side on everything but there is another problem that no one is talking to Donald about.They are showing Trump with it coming out of his mouth.They are doing this because they know that most of the Americans are on some kind of medicine or pill or drug or street drug .They have Donald Trump saying that he is going to make it where the sellers of these drugs are going to have a death sentence.I know that he doesnt understand so I wish someone would explain to him how it will take a lot of votes away from him,saying this.America has seen how a few may need the death penalty but a few have got thier sons or daughtors to worry about that are into a little saleing of drugs ,not much and wish someone to help them recover and forsure dont want no death penalty for them.I believe that the dems have brain washed him and really wish that Trump would be president in 2020 again.I hope someone can talk to Donald about this so he can seek these drug people help ,instead of death sentence.

Norma Paulino says:

Continue to pray for our POTUS, Christians! Hallelujah! Praise God in the Highest and Peace to His people on Earth!

Walter Palmer says:

Alex … talk about the senate losses…. better worry people.

Grant Short says:

Alex your Nuremberg illustration was outstanding! I applaud you.

Jack Fuller says:

Here's to hoping at the end of the day, George Soros gets sent to Gitmo! And bring his son with him!

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