All Hell Breaks Loose As Cops Start SEIZING GUNS In This State With NO Due Process

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Frank Lea for the Daily Vine reports, Residents in this sunny state were caught off guard when a Broward County judge ordered the first gun confiscation under the new Florida gun-control laws.

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Andrea Vlasis says:

Fuck that no one is takeing my guns.

Julie Mansfield says:

Here we go!!!

brian lupinsky says:

the cops need to die when take are wepons.

Vidal Baca says:

This will be the start of the end of a America as we it know it this could start a new civil war just because you have a disability doesn’t give the government right to take away right to Take away a right given to us from our four fathers

Chaos Fox says:

This law seems unconstitutional to me.

God Man says:

The language is very vague on purpose. It needs to be clarified and by time that happens, they will realize laws like that already exist.

Lee Farmer says:

Who determined this guy to be Marilyn compliment in the first place?

Blue Cobra says:

Trump needs to be informed of this like asap. This law is f up. Wake up people fight back. Dont let these f heads take you down.

Buzz ard says:

Yea here in TEXAS the bullets come out first.

stephanie smith says:

That is a very bad law

George Balanow says:

I'm a Floridian and a gun owner. A couple more events like this and we're going to war. We've had it in Florida. This will not stand. They're cornering us. Now we fight back.

Aikatarina AlSamaan says:

This same Governor has allowed a buddy who raped a disabled Celibate Monastic Novice 2/19/2016 to maintain his Daytona Beach City Board positions too. Nothing new in this filthy state. Politically filthy in law enforcement. They lie in their reports to cover for this rapist. This whole state needs drained.

Bladez Figaro says:

Cops are not above the law. If the blm start reporting cop as a threat are they going to take the officers badge and guns?

Ghost 57 says:

I bet they start making people sign waivers to give up their right to bear arms before they get released from getting evaluated

Mark M says:

People of Florida it is time to primary Rick Scott out of office do not fire him in the general election you will get something even worse, replace him with a rock solid conservative who would never sign unconstitutional bills into law.

Tubed Stone says:

As a juror I would nullify the jury if anyone shot the police in their face for enforcing this unconstitutional law. I consider their action an act of war against the citizenry. You are not just doing your job. You are committing treason.

Trump One says:

I thought about that exact same thing what if someone doesn't like you and knows you have weapons and called the police with a false claim what do you do ?

amy roberts says:

This is good for the people we need to take responsibility for the evil that guns cause how many more people must die before something is done to control guns in this country congress needs to act now

Roy Torrance says:

Time to lock & load! Our forefathers saw this happening & now we have to fight to preserve our liberties. Time to take back our cities from the GHETTO TRASH; & our neighborhoods from the ILLEGAL CRIMINALS; & Our Country from the COMMUNISTS!
Time to stand up WHITE man! Time for the new revolution & bring freedoms & pride back to the White Americans who have suffered since 1960 after the ILLEGAL UNCONSTITUTIONAL Afirmitive Action/Civil Rights shit that caused our people to have live like animals after having forcefully been made to live with animals!

Fludderlumpagoose Thethird says:

The only risk protection law we need inforced is the arrest of denocrats nationwide, its a national threat to the citizens of the united state citizens

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