Devin Nunes on McCabe firing, upcoming Inspector General report

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Republican chairman of the House Intelligence Committee weighs in on ‘Hannity’ about Attorney General Jeff Sessions’ dismissal of the former FBI deputy director.

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glen bolden says:

These people are above the law & we all know it's true, democrats don't want middle class they want rich & poor no in between

Cary Leonard says:

I feel sorry for all you misinformed viewer's. Bless your hearts

TC PossiblePossum says:

Well, I suppose when it comes to draining what now appears o be a filthy, grubby swamp, evidently full to the brim of 'Americas high ranking arsewipes, takes time!!!

James H Bond says:

I noticed that one question needs to be asked of all of your guests "Several times" in each Interview, regardless of who does the interview, or who is being interviewed is…there is "WAY MORE" than enough evidence to have Hillary(and many others, by the way) arrested…just why haven't they arrested her yet ?…as any regular person would have already been tried, convicted, and been sitting in prison by now. I have heard the schpiel "trust the plan", but am starting to think otherwise. We're getting "leery".

proffessorchaoas19 says:

Brennan's comments weren't politicizing, he was trying to save his lying ass.

commadore 180 says:

Obama hired them and Trump cannot fire them the Shadow Government…

Robert Shrewsbury says:

FBI corruption goes way back. Look at the John Bean case (about 30 years ago). John Bean did an expose on a banking scam and it did not take long for a fake F.B.I report to be placed in the FBI files that put John Bean on the Ten Most Wanted list of the FBI. Finally it came out in court (after a lot of damage was done) that the file was indeed fake. However no one was ever investigated and much less prosecuted. This is the report I receiver from John Beam directly at that time period, but only after his court ruling. What a shame that these big-time operators (paid for by the tax payers) have some kind of special immunity from investigation and or prosecution. Whatever happened to "Equal Justice For All" in the "Pledge Allegiance"? Let drain the swamp!

Sco/ire America says:

Release the hounds, they are stone walling and buying time, the longer they play, the worse it gets.

Sco/ire America says:

The problem with congress is they should be given the authority to order water boarding to extract pertinent information, or is there a war powers act to suspend the 5th amendment?

Sco/ire America says:

Nunes is a boss.

Citizen Kane says:


qdog mad says:

Nunes works for russia

John Franklin says:

The federal statute Rep. Nunes was referring to is, “ denying a person’s civil rights under the color of law.”
ie. McCabe railroading General Flynn.

Evan Taaved Pert says:

Why is Devin Nunes such an obviously corrupt politician? Oh yeah, bad voters. Stupid is what stupid DOES. Duh dih duh. Oh snap! ; )

Joe z Shadow says:

Comeys book "How to lie like a weasel"

James Bowen says:

Why is Orr, Strohk and his mistress Page still employed, Strohk was transferred to HR so he can interview perspective FBI agents, no way!

Blue Drums says:

Nunez is a Russian agent. He looks and acts dumber than a rock. Sean Hannity is clinically insane. Sean Hannity is a cocksucker. I repeat Sean Hannity is a cocksucker and he's insane. Hannity is a seditious prick who has stepped over the line of being a vehicle for Russian propaganda. Mueller will make these assholes at FAUX news look like traitors and idiotic traitors. FUCK HANNITY He's a Russian sympathizer and Nunez may get caught up in obstruction. FUCK HANNITY

Celia Jonhson says:

If congress can "only make a recommendation to prosecute–only make a referral to the DOJ to prosecute"–But they can't even do that, because they don't know WHO, IF ANYONE, is left in the DOJ who is NOT a traitorous deep state operator—-why on earth PROCEED?? I don't know law, but it looks like there must be A legal way around the corrupt DOJ. Maybe now the stage is set for Miltary Tribunals?? That would be a blessing indeed and maybe the only way to save our country at this point. Thank you Devin Nunes and Jim Jordan for your great courage and honesty. You are both great Americans.

IMurderdTheDevil says:

McCabe is hired by the democrats now. what a joke!

Fred Sonne says:

Can somebody tell me what Comey leaked? I did not understand.

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