Eric Holder Warns Deep State DOJ and FBI Officials With 7 Words That Send CHILLS Down Their Spine

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Cristina Laila for the Gateway Pundit reports, Former Attorney General Eric ‘Fast and Furious’ Holder sent an ominous message to Deep State DOJ and FBI officials on Sunday. Eric Holder isn’t taking the news of McCabe’s firing well. He knows he’s next.

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VS30131968 says:

Holder was there for all the corruption and treason. He should be in Gitmo. Traitorous bastard.

Dave Bounty says:

He belongs in prison.

Richard Johnson says:

It's getting near your turn and u hatin it lol

the last cowboy song 48 says:

why send him to prison??? it would just cost the taxpayers money…hang him by his heels, cut off his dick & balls off & let him choke on his blood as he bleeds out

TheOrganiclady says:


Kathy Kahle says:

These traitors

Sonny Seabury says:

Eric Fucks Barry Soetoro in his loose asshole every night. Then Michael Lavaughn Robinson….Aka Chewbacca….Aka Michelle Obama swallows the load, until every single drop is swallowed. Trump needs to have all of these bastards DEAD by drone striking their houses, including Killary and Bill Clinton, Maxine Waters, Donna Brazile, Huma Abedin, and all of Huma's P.O.S. Muslim friends and relatives that live in the USA. Make America Great Again. Put a cap in all of these Assholes Skulls.

Sonny Seabury says:

Fire that P.O.S…..Then slow torture, Then death!

Benjamin Breeg says:

So Mr. Fast And Furious who killed all those Mexicans complains about righteousness

jmart0169 says:

Put his butt in Gitmo, then FIRING SQUAD

Dove Smiling says:

This is just my thoughts. Five years ago before my brother passed away we were discussing hypnosis. Since he at times had to use it in his practice. I know first hand doing self hypnosis works. Now we were talking about performing mass hypnosis on a large audience via TV or radio, computers etc. Could it be successfully done. Now I look at these young kids and wonder. Then I look at my Smart TV. Then I remember what a tech said about the SMART TV. Now I am really wondering.

Alison Watson says:

Everyone of you need to go. The FBI, CIA and IRS. We need to start over. We don't need the CIA and we need a flat tax and shut down the IRS. The FBI and DOJ employees need to go and we need to start over. Drain the swamp Trump we're sick of all of this……

nosjunkie2 says:

God is watching you Eric boy. Dinah

Celi L says:

Whats everyone's opinion on the strange voicemail and ensuing messages received by that young man Ty?

Erwin Schmidt says:

Gary – Yes!! Millions to be committed including Eric Holder!! All crooked Dems!! What a surprise…NOT!!

zuesccw says:

Fuck Eric holder fucking murderer

John Garfield says:

Please, fast and furiously get this traitor.

Dan hates the man says:

Why don't you drop some of the weight you Zionist slob! Jesus, you look disgusting!

sewdreamy1 says:

Seems that some of the deep state Obama army are now turning themselves in. Keep flapping your lips, Holder, and perhaps more will follow. You have no credibility even among your own. Run. Run fast and furious into the arms of the awaiting angels at Gitmo.

LetreJete says:

McCabe didn't work for the FBI. He worked for Clinton, Inc with duty at the FBI. His job was to spot, assess, and recruit useful idiots for the cartel. That's why he was investigated for Hatch Act violations in addition to harassment. He didn't work for the FBI but for Clinton, Inc. Let Clinton, Inc. pay his pension.

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