Hannity: Proof the deep state is real

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Liberals and the destroy Trump media are ignoring the evidence and trying to claim that President Trump fired the former FBI deputy director.

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Miss Chievous says:

Centuries old elite rich families who fund $ to crooked politicians to suit their globalist agenda. Can't say it any more simple than that

Jay Dillon says:

That "dustbin of history" idea came straight from the mouth of the old Marxist-Leninist, Leon Trotsky. Why is John Brennan using that? Because John Brennan is not only a moslem enemy, he's also a communist enemy, as crazy as that sounds for a former CIA chief !!

"Leon Trotsky was a Russian revolutionary, theorist, and Soviet politician. Ideologically a Marxist and a Leninist, he later developed his own version of Marxist thought, Trotskyism." (quoted from Wikipedia)

Joyce Braun says:


openfor45 says:

McCabe is a TERRORIST and his cancer has spread on floor 7 of the FBi headquarters office . ***MAGA***

Gene Panasenko says:

The only Real News Channel on TV!

Freedom Rings says:

All of these Criminal got the benefit of the doubt, but got more deeper in the lies. When are they going to be in Jail? They are not above the law, unless they are the deep state and have their own laws they are under like the Underground government?

DRUMNICOdotcom says:

Its truly amazing that anyone even watches, nonetheless folllow this bullshit……The systematic dumbing down of america continues.

Rich S says:

More fake news from the government propaganda Network

Auto Sign says:

America politics is becoming the worst in the world, they hate truth

Golden Morgan says:


Burgert Potgieter says:

McCabe to face charges and is going to PRISON, Susan Rice as well.!! Mr. Hannity, we need you as a witness in Court to help the judge to make up his announcements before sentence. Mr Robert Mueller, I dont see any gate for you to slip through. Face the Music and your Sordid past. Your Vietnam service is not going to save you.!! Mr.Hannity, supply us a note of ALL the Swamp names and do write a book on this whole Crazy episode. It would make a best seller and a great thriller. Get Linnell to assist as his knowledge is superb on this whole Deep State Cabal. Call the book "Washington DC Exposed".!!

James Jack says:

You carried water for the "deep state", the perpetrators of 911, you are just as filthy as they as you maligned and insulted and marginalized anybody who refuted the story the "deep state" gave the press, "YOU", to spout to the public, you SACK!

La Leaf says:

Hannity is being funded by Russian interests and in turn he is WILLINGLY peddling horseshit, borderline insane conspiracy theories that divide America deeper and deeper. WAKE THE FUCK UP AMERICA!!! Before it's too late.

James Avery says:

Obama infected AMERICA with a virus. We need to flip it back.Communist need brought down.America needs a nice big shot of penicillin.

Catherine Zoller says:


Justin Stone says:

Always in history has there been a deep state racket, only a few know what is really going on. TRUMP does not go along with them because they do not represent the interest of this country, people should thank our President Trump for the good work he is doing!

RHS Tools says:

Sean – you are AWESOME! Go get 'em!

Óengus Mac Airem says:

When the democrats were in the whitehouse Hannity rejected the deep state, but now the worst fucker in the world is in the whitehouse the deep state is real, the guy is a obese nutjob.

paulcappis cappis says:

How are all these GOV. EMPOYEES walking away with MILLIONS and off shore accounts. TIME TO FLUSH THIS TUOLET !!!!!!!!!!!

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