Laura Ingraham Nails It On The Trump GOP Betrayal Of The The People

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JASON P. Roberts says:

President Trump must be able to do something about this

JASON P. Roberts says:

I'm pissed.

JASON P. Roberts says:

No wall…no 2nd Trump presidency

askthauniverse first says:

Have we not learned anything it doesn't matter who becomes the president they always promise you good things and it never happens we need to learn our lessons a little better and stop walking into walls because it always is going to end up the same way we always get screwed no matter democrat or republican we always get screwed as the US of a

Shawn Watson says:

They went with Pelosi's plan to just mow the grass along the border.

superapex21 says:

And… this is how you sell your great-grand children into slavery.

Jen Waddell says:

Im fucking LIVID!!!!!!!

Vickie Parry says:

Paul Ryan is a traitor to the Republican party and the American people get rid of that rat once a dog always a dog

JyByrd Jybyrd says:

The GOP betrayed you? Again? Fool me once….

bryan hurd says:

Build the WALL…ASAP

orion Zone says:

We were duped trump let us down


Prototypes cost more than the amount to be spent on the WALL.

m beginization says:

when he chose McMasters over MAGA staff that should have been a huge warning, his ego is blinding him to how the democrats really view him

kennyvii says:

The GOP does have its act together, Laura. Do you seriously think they have ever been anything but a scam? Is your head really that far up your ass?

icas80 says:

President Trump also said The US wouldn't pay for it 🙂 Patience. Let the tariffs on Mexico start to sting.

Jerry Anderson says:

They want that dope.

Kagiso Edward says:

Dear POTUS Trump, Omnibus bill .. 1.3 trillion … nothing for the wall. But you promised there would be a wall. The WALL would KEEP out drugs. Stop illegals. Save billions. No country without a WALL? VETO this or swallow your POTUS job as a failure. Paul Ryan? Traitor ..Liar.

Mario Tovar says:

Bush#2 said the same thing, nothing happened Ryan is a rat.

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