Milo Yiannopoulos DEBUNKS White Privileges With FACTS

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Watch as milo Yiannopoulos goes all out on the concept of white privileges.

Credit :Milo


LucVNO says:

ahhhh….. the early days when alt right wasnt specifically racist dixiecrats.

Dan Zabo says:

The White Privilege Myth only exist because of black dysfunction.

Opie says:

Praise KeK and Praise Milo!! We're all indebted to you!

Judy Gagnon says:

I love you Milo

kleomenis456 says:

Not so long u pitiful faggot, we are lucky the leftwing shows it's true face you moron, u should have been winning elections far earlier fool

Melanie Smith says:

Did they publish the wrong video? I didn't notice any facts about how white privilege isn't real.

on the rocks with salt says:

The left can dish it but they turn into a puddle of salty snowflake tears when they have a mirror held up to their insipid, vacuous, asinine selves.

nenanuka says:

This is guy needs to be taken to Gitmo frick made by GMO food


The left has bitten off more than can be chewed

Jon Arnott says:

Fight the good fight girlfriend, your doing the Lords work!
praise kek

UltimateBargains says:

Milo, don't sugarcoat it like that. Tell it straight!

Henk Verhaeren says:

Well spoken Milo !

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