MUST WATCH: CNN Openly Calls For Infowars To Be Banned From Youtube

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Alex Jones exposes how CNN has been openly calling for Infowars to be banned from Youtube for criticizing their handling of child witnesses to the Parkland, Florida shooting on live television.

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Werefeat 039 says:

CNN should be shut down for lying.

becky Sawyer says:

I don’t watch cnn

Urban Radio Hits says:

CNN is fake news!!

Jeanie Coudriet says:

CNN Has done more damage to our Country then any RUSSIAN could ever do! In fact it's the Left led by CNN! Afew yrs before I thought it was unheard of to lie to the public! Even thought at very least u lose your job and pay fines if caught lying! But it's the opposite, they really want to ruin America! That main kid speaker at the school, he has become a trained monkey, along with rude behaviors with 2 or 3 other students! The disrespect really rubbed me the wrong way!

jamc666 says:

why is this shitty video duplicated ? .lmao

IDoBluesdeluxe says:

You are not perfect and have made mistakes just know this Alex. You are loved and respected by many

lolLeslylol says:


Kraig says:

I think everybody across America should go get those little signs you see it all the red lights, and start putting the fact out that CNN the Communist News network is all about fake news. Let's put it on each and every corner of America everywhere period and end this nonsense of the CNN in their treasonous communist lies and propaganda to the American people. This kind of garbage like CNN, Scott to go. All their news talking bobbleheads should be locked up in jail for life for treason and crimes against the American people.

Eclipse Para Effective says:

Ayyyy this is it CNN's last gasp for air poor slaves its your time to die

edward liles says:

Hillary acts like she has credibility..

Colonel 100 says:

soo when are you guys going to boycott youtube? OH WAIT NEVER
google appreciates you guys funding its brand

elison vogli says:

God bless infowars, we all know you guys are the real news. BAN CNN!

Smokey 420 says:

"In a time of universal deceit, telling the truth is a revolutionary act." Quoted by George Orwell

Jimmie Meeks says:

You are not to big to fail Youtube/Google.

Scampy Scamper says:

People who care need to actively report MSM fake news videos

86e30 says:

I just left this on CNN's youtube for that town hall propaganda thing. "This video is filled with lies and scripted material that is designed to push a nefarious point of view. I have watched CNN for years and always catch them in the act of pushing misleading information, that is all too often for their own political agenda. Not allowing the NRA spokesperson to relay statistical facts and pertinent information that is essential for people to make well informed critical decisions is corruption at its highest! I have never been an NRA supporter, but after watching this I signed up for a 5-year membership. Thanks, CNN you made that easy! You don't even have to own a gun to want to support the NRA after this crap. The FBI and Sherif's allowed that nut job to do this. Not law abiding citizens!" P.S. I also flagged CNN's video

TruckerExile E says:

good riddance, don't let the door hit you where your Momma split you

alexander joy says:

Time to abandon youtube.

alexander joy says:

So how we gonna fight back?

Buck Norris says:


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