Saudi Crown Prince: Modern man or warmonger?

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Is Saudi Arabia’s crown prince Mohammed bin Salman modernizing the Middle East or pushing for war with Iran? The CBC’s Wendy Mesley speaks with former U.S. ambassador to Saudi Arabia Robert Jordan ahead of crown prince Mohammed’s arrival in Washington.
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Doug Leclair says:

Protesters will gather in front of PM Justin Trudeau’s residence in Ottawa and march towards Parliament, calling for Canada to immediately stop all weapon deals with the Saudi regime. March 26th

Abdullah Al says:

He's moderate and a good man. He's freeing my country from Houthi Terrorists

M17 says:

Neither! Just a puppet! A young zealous puppet!

G Al husseini says:

Just nuke the Khomeini's and get it over with.

Newest Documentaries says:

He is modern but I feel he will destroy middle east like never before. The way he is purchasing arms is quite alarming.

Asma SG says:

He’s a modern prince for sure, who is trying to lead his country in a modern different way. Non of the people out there really know much about the KSA and I believe whatever he’s doing. He is doing it for a good reason.

king of love says:

Thanks God we have this man its enough his name as that power of Islam the revolution coming #Russian and France #

Lamar Passmore says:

Fear mongering is a crime despite one's intent.

TheSpirittaker says:

I feel sad for this prince. Its like damned if you did and damned if you dont.

artin74 says:

He is warmonger.

rio says:

lol modern. he is look like a bomber and an isis

Nancy Mesek says:

Warmonger. It won’t be long before he uses the weapons trump agreed to sell him on Americans.

keith g w says:

Very modern Camel Jockey

You're A Walking Dead And Do Know Its Sure Now says:

Watch it there prince in your own mind, you're being shaped.

Fahad Olayan says:

Hi is the best one in the world.

johnny llooddte says:

Evil pure evil

saif edliw says:

I love Mohamed B S

Ellen Munn says:

I didn't know modern men wear aprons on their head

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