Taiwan Shadows China Carrier Group After Xi Warning

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Taiwan has sent ships and aircraft to shadow a Chinese aircraft carrier group through the narrow Taiwan Strait, its defence ministry said on Wednesday (Mar 21), after Chinese President Xi Jinping offered his strongest warning against Taiwan separatism to date.
Read more at www.channelnewsasia.com/news/asiapacific/china-sends-carrier-through-taiwan-strait-after-xi-warning-10062490

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HappyDanDay says:

How the fk can an independant country be told not to break-away???
This would be like Britain laying claim on all of Ireland!! Sending nuclear subs & aircraft carrier to Ireland. Guinness would stop!!

steve w says:

A carrier task force is only good against non nuclear states. If we (US) get into a shooting war with China, one nuke will neutralize said task force, on both sides.

Ali Imtiaz says:

Taiwan is part of great China, they are not an independent nation, people of Taiwan must understand that, don’t play with China because they are a very serious nation.
Long live China

martin nielsen says:

Is that ship ugly or what ?

james williams says:

Economies are going south around the world. The big global banker Ponzi scam is falling apart and the countries of the world are beginning to suffer.

MarsShaker War * says:

These are acts of aggression that will pull America into WW3.75 over America's protection agreement with Taiwan. We have a war powers act of sorts;  United States abrogated its mutual defense treaty with the Republic of China (ROC) on Taiwan. The ROC government mobilized its ethnic lobby in the United States to lobby Congress for the swift passage of an American security guarantee for the island.

John Taylor says:

Jose: Then what shuts down our ships!

Dave says:

You can't hide carriers. If China has more the Western intelligence agencies will know about it. It all depends on what China's intentions are surrounding trade in that region as to whether or not there will one day be a confrontation between the West and China. The West's only real concern is that free trade is upheld. If China attempts to close the sea routes down, that's when there will be big trouble. She can't do it now as she just wouldn't stand a chance but things could be different in another 50 years

Gregory Zoebisch says:

Taiwan should adopt a "Scorched Earth " policy. Put a doomsday device smack dab in the middle of that island and if the Chinese are going to take over then blow the island to smithereens…..

Gregory Zoebisch says:

All I got to say is to hell with China ruling the world…..no thanks! We have to win the next conflict.

duruy dukuy says:

A Russian aircraft carrier that bought by China.

Ben Casarez says:

sounds weak calling them easily sunk coffins being us navys will be sunk as fast…russia n china on this side of the realm…trumps muti nation call out…you will GET your chance to fight to the death

cool ideas i guess ? says:

don't let the Nazi's take your individuality Taiwan.

Mandarin McPhee says:

That's a beautiful craft. Looks far more modern than ours.

The Great Mechanized Ape says:

Ice breakers? we decided to use nukes or thousand pound bombs if we need to make it through the ice. it's cheaper.

The Great Mechanized Ape says:

China isn't shit.

Judge Morville says:

Both Russia and China have dismissed super carriers as floating targets.  Yet both are designing and developing super carriers, go figure.

brian91145 says:

Everyone reading this; go to the bank NOW and get your cash out. The banks already have the laws in place to "bail in" using your money! Don't let them steal from you again . STARVE THE BEAST ALREADY

馮力f says:

Is your live photo? u look pretty handsome 🙂

MySimpleChannel says:

What a heap of junk

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