Tom Fitton on Clinton email probe: FBI is in cover-up mode

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President of Judicial Watch on accusations that the Department of Justice and the FBI are ‘slow-walking’ requests to provide documents having to do with Hillary Clinton’s deleted emails.


Emma Leonard says:

Russia Russia Russia…..
The DNC is dead

TOM W says:

trump wont make 8 yrs the way this bull shit is going…..

Ttime RealiDown says:

its very fucking simple 10 to 20% of the fbi may be good people but the rest have togp

Michel Rheaume says:

can you believe this shit ? Corrupt to the core! This will drag on and on ! The traitors are well protected … the swamp

Scott Tempple says:


Rhonda Galloway says:

For the good people who work at the FBI,,, its time to hand over the criminals in your own organisation,, before they drag the entire agency down with them.

dksta2346 says:

It looks like the FBI needs a visit from the military.

No Nonsense Norseman says:

FBI = Federal Bureau of Incompetence

Irondcsuper says:

Hillary should be in jail rn..

ThoughtWave64 says:

Send in the National Guard…be polite…don't break any furniture, but get the documents.

eva arnold says:


Cindy WH-Witter says:

What investigation? There was no investigation.

xdrfox says:

Obstruction !

xdrfox says:

Hey Q.. I'm Enjoying the show… Deplorable in Fl.

mikean1123 says:

Its over you fucking morons !

Elke Summer says:

aren't they eternally in COVER-UP mode?

betterdays when says:

See what happens when liberals get control of any organization? I bet there's not to many conservatives working for the FBI I wonder why?

Alexander Canovas says:

It is thoroughly appalling that our system is so rife with these "deep state" players, who for so long have been working under cover of darkness, doing as they will and pursuing agendas detrimental to our nation and undermining the system as it was intended to work. These scurrying cockroaches are panicking and becoming even more obstructive now that they have had the light shined on them. The people need to insist on having this whole disgusting mess exposed and let the chips fall where they may. I have the disturbing suspicion that there are too many highly placed people in the deep state that will fight this to the end. If we think that McCabe is the pinnacle of this conspiracy, we are deluding ourselves.

If we do nothing to correct this situation, we will soon lose all respect for our system, as happened in the Soviet Union fairly early on, and our whole nation will collapse. They were able to hold on so long due to authoritarian policies and coercion of their people. What we are seeing lately in our own country has disturbingly similar tendencies to authoritarian control methods: political correctness, identity politics to divide and conquer, attempts to repeal our 2nd amendment, fake news, and many more. In many ways, this is already systematically happening in our country and we are like the proverbial frogs being slowly brought to boil.

John Culley says:

Former FBI Assistant Director James Kallstrom, who worked at the FBI 27 years and is a Marine Vietnam veteran, recently agreed with President Trump's many tweets about what the FBI and the rest of the Deep State are trying to do to him in a Youtube interview entitled "Former FBI Assistant Director James Kallstrom The Corruption of McCabe".

Nick Gold says:

I have maintained from the very beginning of the 2016 election process that the entrenched "establishment" would not go quietly into the night. The problem that the "deep state" has is that so many loose ends were left exposed because it was a foregone conclusion that Ma Clinton was predestined to be crowned president. Along comes Donald J. Trump, and the "apple cart" is overturned. Now, like so many cockroaches scurrying into hiding from the light of scrutiny, the "establishment" is in full panic mode.

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