Trump Reportedly Furious Over Leak About His Call with Putin

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President Donald Trump is apparently fuming over a leak to the media about how he ignored advice from his national security advisers warning him to avoiding congratulating Russian President Vladimir Putin on his election victory during a phone call on Tuesday.

CNN reported Wednesday that Trump asked several allies and aides on Tuesday night who was responsible for the leak, adding that it could only have come from a select few individuals with access to sensitive national security information. The New York Times’ Maggie Haberman cited a White House official who said leaking such information “is a fireable offense and likely illegal.”

The leak resulted in a bombshell Washington Post report, which said advisers included a warning in Trump’s briefing materials, in all caps: “DO NOT CONGRATULATE” Putin on winning the Russian election last week.

They also instructed him to condemn Putin for the chemical attack on a former Russian spy in the UK, which both the US and UK said was ordered by the Kremlin.

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Ann Shea says:


Ann Shea says:

Trump is furious because ppl know what an ass he is. He is the center of his sicko orbit.

John Rosado says:

Mr. Grinch is furious!!

D Phillips says:

Step into my office…. YOU’RE FIRED!

chrisw says:

the`re fixing to have a war with russia.

Beamer Z says:

I've heard of booty calls, but a Putin call?
Thats a first.
Russia is not the enemy.
The enemy is from within.
Time to drain the swamp.

williamwallace1307 says:

It was probably that traitorous rat Jared Kushner

Jeff Parker says:

Obama did the same when he was in office…no one bitched about that…

Mandarin McPhee says:

deep state leak.

gcoffey223 says:

UK lied about Russia and they have no evidence let alone proof of their claims.

Katherine Griffin says:

President Trump does not consent.

Jacob d'Autriche says:

Nice. He is going after the filth finally.

Jennie Hughes says:

It's all a show . Just sit back and watch.

Thatusernameisnotavailable says:

Its Sweedish nerve agent who assasinated the spy and his daughter which is means it was a European Gov hit. It turns out he is a Brittish Gov spy the whole time not the US Govs.

Uriah Fawcett says:

More fake news, maybe Putin told his media trump congratulated him, making Putin the leaker. Afterall the trump guidelines dont apply him do they? Trump needs clarify the shinanagins, or daily dose of bull soiled news. If he dont seperate from visible tactics of bipartisan gimmicks, or even contributing fake news, dahboo77 going be right. Political theater making trump same as establishment, or a true rebel. Oh yea, everbody add some boom boom boom to their comments, change the few into many for the few who maybe taken out of context.

trid2bnrml says:

THERE IS A REASON WHY THEY'RE ONLY "ADVISERS" – because they are not in charge of what the President does. Trump probably just zeroed in on another inside leaker.

Darrel Ealy says:

"He said, she said! When is it gonna end!" It just got started!

Cporr1972 says:

I don’t see nothing wrong with it. All I see is an employee calling his boss to congratulate him..

Urban Delinquent says:

Yo Dahboo there’s been a shooting here in San Francisco a police was shot while I was doing my Uber delivery today

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