Tucker Carlson: Lying to the FBI is a Felony

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“Dishonest law enforcement is a big deal no matter who the president is. In fact, it’s the biggest deal. It’s the worst abuse of power.”

On Tucker Carlson Tonight Monday, Tucker Carlson said if allegations are true and former FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe, or others, lied during an investigation, it would constitute the “worst abuse of power.”http://bit.ly/2GaiTgW

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Judith Osorio says:

Tucker, Sheriff Arpaio was a convicted dirty criminal accused of abusing the very law he was paid to uphold, and he was pardoned by your Republican President which you yourself helped elect.
Andrew McCabe, on the other hand, began his FBI career in the New York Field Office in 1996. While there, he was on the SWAT team. In 2003, he began work as a supervisory special agent at the Eurasian Organized Crime Task Force. Later, McCabe held management positions in the FBI Counterterrorism Division, the FBI National Security Branch and the FBI's Washington Field Office. In 2009, he served as the first director of the High-Value Detainee Interrogation Group. McCabe was part of the investigation of the 2013 Boston Marathon bombing and secured the arrest of Ahmed Abu Khattala for suspected involvement in the 2012 Benghazi attack. Yes Tucker, while trump was giving the corrupted wealthy a place to launder their money, this man was working to protect our country, our people and our way of life. Now he gets to go home without his pension because trump is a small petty man with a spirit of vengeance.

Graph Guy says:

We are being too soft on LEFTISTS. They have zero positive impact on America.
Harsh as it may be, we need to rid them of our borders.

SJT SJT says:

So what happens when the FBI lies? They're getting free jail! Like hillary! Fuck up governments! They're should protect your own country and the American peoples!

Jimm McCord says:

When will Hillary get her comeuppance? This other B.S. is a smokescreen to keep us distracted. Good grief, there must be a ton of people the Clintons have stuff on! That means we’ve got a ton of critters in the swamp!

dave johnson says:


Amy Warwick says:

Thank obummer for the drugs.



Paul Eugene Brennan says:

Damn fox you cant even brake a million subscribes? I thought the poor whites loved youtube… Slackers.

Wind Smith says:

If it walks like a duck,
If it kwacks like a duck,
If it grabs them by the pussy..
It's Donald J Trump.

Digiphex Electronics says:

Demagogue is a deep state code word. Look for it other places and you will be surprised what you find.

Bernard Hibbard says:

It's a felony even if you are part of the FBI.

prikov1 says:

It's like watching the news from a shitty third world country where the president is always right and can do no wrong…Anybody who would take this network seriously needs to see a doctor…

drwnpadilla says:

When the Democrats lie to the FBI or leak information they get fired, when rhe Republicans lie to the FBI they go to jail lose there house and their careers. Go figure.

Emeka Oputa says:

President Trump should have the former head of the CIA arrested.

Divergent Streams says:

Spot on! However every patriotic critically thinking American knows that 9/11 was in inside job…

James Mac says:

Christians get mocked for claiming lying is against God in the Ten Commandments, that are natural laws for being in one form or another in every nation of the world, including the God part that is the truth and the light: We are not kidding, even evil people use law when it is convenient to them, and the FBI is not above making an incident and then putting you in prison, where it is how they ruin people by indirection of crimes, not the literal criminal.

Chris Parnham says:

hey Tucker you're the dumbest and you got a job on television – explain that? And he was fired one day before he officialy was due to retire and has lost his pension – explain that you dumb nut? geez

Catherine Jarman says:

9/11 'a trusted investigation'? what a liar this Zionist is.

Parmesan Stark says:

"How do these dumb people get jobs in television" LET THE IRONY SINK IN.

Jr_ Xtreme says:

Wait, wasnt it Tucker that was undermining the charges against Flynn and manafort by saying it was "just lying" to the F.B.I.
But now it's become the biggest felony…tucker is so full of shit sometimes

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