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tommy h says:

Too bad Dershowitz helped OJ beat the murder rap

candace Skeen says:


joe truthful says:

Jail time for the criminal Dems and comey and Mueller waken up America

joe truthful says:

The so called Dems is not a political party. They are a crime family. Stop the people money to these scumbags disband them jail

Danny says:

Ashley of PETA is out of her element. Everything is a problem these days?

James Tippens says:

God Bless you Sean Hannity. These "MONSTER CRIMINAL'S" Need to be Prosecuted to the Fullest Extent of the Law by MILITARY TRIBUNAL'S. TREASONOUS ACT'S ESPECIALLY.

harry viking says:

correction….You USED to be a rule of law country…if you actually ever was one…

harry viking says:

I look forward to the day when these creepy people at CNN are without a job and has to crawl down the streets and beg for mercy and pennies!! What a glorious day that would have been!! I keep hoping!!!

Almo Toma says:

Muller will end trump presidency sooner or later

vicky says:

It's shameful that this is the news people see. This crap is literally ruining the country…pathetic!!!!!!!!!!!

harry viking says:

its the best idea ever to be friends with russia in the fight against the deep state, where ever it is! ….and god how I hate to hear that disgusting voice of gorillabama the muslim stand up comedian!!

T 63 says:

The democrats are hypocrites

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