Austin bomber’s vehicle is a treasure trove for investigators

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Austin, Texas serial bomber Mark Anthony Conditt is dead after detonating a bomb inside his car, upon realizing SWAT was closing in on him. Jonathan Hunt reports from Round Rock, Texas.



He killed himself. One who uses a bomb must die by the bomb

Bond007 Lopez says:

I think this from the bombs idea packets was by the pranks of the people who stole the packages and put things that caused an explosion when they opened them, some contained paint or shit.

Troy Evitt says:

Mark Anthony Conditt died doing what he loved best: Cheating death.

Martin Shkreli says:

Hey liberals, let me help you out here. I understand being triggered at almost everything in existence must be exhausting but I'll cue you all in on something people outside of the safe-space's seem to understand.

The media is predominantly left leaning and thus, majority in the media have favorable views on Islam and immigration. These men and women in the media you are so mad at for not using the magic word are not bigoted or racist, they haven't called Muslims terrorists in the past and stopped short of calling white American citizens terrorists because of some widespread islamophobia or racism. You see, liberals, the word terrorism has a a definition and certain factors must be met to fit that definition. Side note, we don't hand out participation trophies for mass killers like you all got in little league. There is also a bit of CONTEXT to the word terrorism that has for better or worse caused a large portion of Americans to see terrorism as something a bit different than a disillusioned mad man hell bent on suicide. In the eyes of most of your non echo chambered fellow citizens terrorism is a word that represents something massive, something that has engulfed this country in 17 years of foreign policy hell and an unsustainable deficit. Terrorism is something so ideologically powerful it compelled 19 men to willingly fly aircraft into 3 builds and a field on a Tuesday in September which caused nearly 3,000 of your fellow innocent citizens to perish. Using the same word to describe a man that killed two people as a word that describes men who killed 3,000 is probably, at the very least, ignoring 2,998 other issues that come into play when unleashing the magic word.

So liberals, to conclude, don't be shocked when you notice large portions of Americans don't give a damn about your moral outrage when the media fails to say the magic word. To a lot of us terrorism is something that completely reshaped the fabric of this nation and it's entire path. Terrorism represents the very worst attack on America in history by an enemy we are still currently at war with. But I guess my words will fall on deaf ears considering you guys do call most of your political opponents Nazis in 2018, so what would you know about grossly misusing a word that has a much more malevolent history when unwarranted.

Do everyone a favor and spare us your moral outrage over the absence of a word and for just a little while be equally morally outraged at the maniac that carried out these bombings.

puffalump76 says:

I kind of feel bad for this kid…something bad must of set him off to this path.

Jordan Dickey says:

Forgein Criminal Master Mind.

Leslie M says:

They don't even have their stories straight. This truck is a Nissan Pathfinder and in another story they say they found him because of his red 2002 Ford Ranger was seen in a video? Seriously? I venture to say "Mark Anthony Conditt" had nothing to do with this. I'm sure nobody died in that Pathfinder.

Killy19 Killy says:

These Caucasian Terrorists are getting out of hand.

Tom Williams Jr says:

Trumps fault

Wendy Lou says:

So he walks in a FedEx on the 18th with white gloves and a wig and this doesn't alert ANYONE in a city that had already been on heightened alert?!?!?

Robert Jefferies says:

I hate when they say "treasure trove."  What, "a wealth of information" isn't good enough any more?

Amber Thibeault says:

Young men with box cutters faced “challenges” and flew planes into buildings. Only a white boy could be held up as a challenged young whipper snapper and not a fucking terrorist.

Scumdogs Of The Universe says:

Too bad he didn't take out any muslims.


The bomber was as hypocrite as trump, alex jones, and the evangelicals.

Breandan Parker says:

If his bomb killed the white target, at least it would stop the racial aspect of the presumed motivations.

Matt Lenco says:

You don’t need gun control. Parents just need to give a child “rough around the edges” a $300 DNA test and followup with Folate in Deplin. Problem solved.

terrelle woods says:

If you notice they never have to run far like any other race because they stick together

thel vadamee says:

Yeah tell everyone how the caught him so other crazies learn. You stupid fuckin cunts!

Abu Hurairah says:

once trump said you need to call the name of the problem first if you should solve the problem.
you should stop calling 'Suspect' and use the actual adjective "terrorist".
"A Radical White Christian Terrorist"

Luther Morgan says:

There is a common thread with the PD
Catching the (bad guy) and it goes all the way back to JFK.
The (bad guy) is unknown, yet in a very short time he is arrested or killed, I lived in Dallas when
JFK was shot and the
Official story is physically impossible,
And now it's the same with all the
False flags.

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