Burger King In BIG TROUBLE Over Huge New Sign They Just Put Up

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Frank Lea for the Daily Vine reports, A Burger King located in Worcester is facing critics who were upset after seeing the sign hanging up behind the counter of their local fast food spot.

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m queen says:

Good for them !! It’s their right .. Who want’s darn druggies in their business.

Rodney Odling says:

Lol stupid video Gary


FUCKING idiot government putting they're nose where it doesn't belong

Ty Johnson says:

Ban then junkies! No one wants to witness a junkie OD nor do they want their children to witness it. I don't see the problem. Let the junkies go die in the gutter. It's not heartless it's their choice! No one is forcing them to be junkies are they!

Nikki Salazar says:

No, a company can't protect the children and customers who come there. How dare they try to keep their establishment respectable!! It is not a company's responsibility to monitor drug use.

Christopher Kirkland says:

this what happens when a city is run by liberals… no one forced them do drugs… its there own fault if they die overdose… im not saying they deserve to die but natural selection is a bitch

Iknowwhy 789 says:

At least they allow you one overdose.

Ellen Cauthorne says:

They do not want drug addicts in their business. The addicts keep out good customers. Nobody ever feed an addict the drugs. They did it to them selves.

zach wall says:

how can they be so heartless! Not welcoming dirty needles and dead people and ILLIGAL DRUGS in their burger king, the audacity! How D.A.R.E them LOL

Richard Williams says:

Don't put up a sign. Just throw them in the dumpster.

Changsha says:

Could it be that to many people come in and end up overdosing there?? This area sounds like a junkie haven.

America First says:

Be shocked at the reason why they had to put the sign up.. Facts over feelings snowflakes!!

Mr. Nick b says:

indeed Gary!

Your Name says:

Lol they are asking the wrong question. How about why they put the sign up. Maybe they have had a bunch of overdoses in there and they are tired of it. Absolutely nothing wrong with that sign. These people are laughable.

Ashleigh Baratta says:

Burger King is PROTECTING their establishment by telling people that if you attempt just 1 time to overdose that you can’t return. Even that boy said he saw THREE people high in the Burger King.

Pappy O'hoolihan says:

They huwrt some feelwings! Booboobiboo!

mark webster says:

Had a lady friend that O D 3 years ago and i wish that drug dealer is in prison without parole for life

Lee Watson says:

If they want to put up a sign great it is their Business a City Commissioner has no right telling anyone nothing.

Satanas Hell says:

Because addicts use it like a shooting gallery stupid people

B Saver says:

They take quick action against a sign in a business, but do nothing about the drug dealers because it's insensitive.

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