Fallout over Facebook data breach allegations

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The fallout continues over allegations of a Facebook data leak. Siva Vaidhyanathan of the University of Virginia is hoping for stronger privacy laws around social media and new technology.

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Jim Trainor says:

Obama did the same thing, using Facebook, in 2012. Harvested the entire US social network. There is a TED talk about it, and there was an article in Time Magazine. Didn't get much attention back then.

Hammy Red says:

One company. Who else was the info sold too?

tobias1959 says:

Because Facebook would not accept the conditions Trudeau wanted. Haha so CBC tries to discredit.

Some Guy On You Tube says:

I was paying attention in those years. I deleted Facebook years ago. And yeah Facebook was just doing it for the money.

House Stark says:

This was not a breech, they were not hacked. All of the information collected by the company was information that Facebook had freely allowed mobile developers to access. These politicians need to get their facts straight before going forward with any legislation.

Lakeshore says:

Class action, sue spacebook out of existence ._

Big Slick says:

Glad I kept my MySpace account!

NeonGrillz says:

I don't think Facebook or similar companies sell the data to "improve the world", they do it for personal gain. There is just no way they would be this naive and believe what they are doing is the right thing to do. Facebook has been living off other people's data since the beginning, if they would have realized what they are doing is bad they would have stopped years ago.
I'm pretty sure this will go like the lootbox and gambling discussion with Activision and other companies, Facebook will excuse their actions by saying they wanted to enhance their users experience and continue with the same shady tactics but not as open as before. If any future regulations have to be met they'll find a way to trick you into giving away your personal data.

Richard G says:

The British are coming!

Tom Facade says:

Without cheating a republican would never get elected

David Orth says:

I would contact Wikileaks and Vambridge Anylitica to sell my product. I made it here in Americe, dont worry, your own country's products wont be nearly as good, ask your friends.. I have the best product.

David Orth says:

They have over 4500 data points for everybody on Earth.

David Orth says:

Note to the Entire World…facebook sold your personal info to everybody crooked in the world. Listen closely….

Carver Jordan says:

It wasn't a data breach Facebook just gave them the f**** information

duel enigma says:

Facebook is for the "star bellied sneeches."

Pink dolphin says:

Everyone of you who has Facebook should do yourselves a favor and get rid of it . It’s a evil company !

D Rock says:

PSYOPS is coming to your elections too.

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