Globalist Elites Flee To Secluded Shelters For Coming Corporate AI World War

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Alex Jones exposes the globalist elites’ plan to flee civilization for a coming corporate, artificial-intelligence based world war that they themselves allowed and encouraged to happen to cull the Earth.

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Jay Kjos says:

I know this is true bcuz i remember watching a clip from a mainstream bs media years ago talking about the elites and their homes in desolate places way off the grid.

Adam William says:

They are terrified of a return of the Luddites situation

Toms Romans says:

Reptiles everywhere on this video.

kleomenis456 says:

This is a very serious warning. Well done revealing this A. J.

Storm Harrington says:

They're trying to hide from the coming doom. They're only going to their graves.

Anders Karlsson says:

Thank you Trump, for saving humanity

Robert Reese says:

The old horror movie ‘Phantazm’ had flying knife drones

11:11 says:

Didn't Alex hate both liberals and republicans? I remember him warning everyboby that both sides where screwing the public over.

Igor the inquisitor Please says:

Scary Larry

Jcc says:

I've a great idea once all the politicians and Hollywood stars bury themselves in the bunkers let's just live happy and peaceful lives without the liberal scum but just don't tell them ha, they will be in their bunkers thinking the world is burning and we are sat outside drinking beer and laughing at how we won the struggle without a shot being fired

Freako VEVO says:

These elites look like lizards

HDSME says:

Alex please look into ebay I am a seller and just got notice i cant sell this and that they took my post down!!
A simple ammo bag they claim is part of tgere assault weapons wtf its a ammo poach pls look into this its a great story
Please thank you

Android Arkitecht says:

It's going to happen. Be Ready.

chris freaking griner says:

White flight.

Jonathan says:

Zuckerberg is as corrupt and evil as the rest of the elites in Hollywood.

Chrystal E says:

Stop freaking out Alex, the WICKED are running to New Zealand or fleeing to place their ignorant Jesus-less minds imagine they will be safe. These place are the first places G-d will destroy that's why He is herding them to it. I know Jesus showed both my husband and I many times in dreams, whats coming soon and where. Now you know why the rapture is real… the wicked will not choose who has eternal life, the only thing they will be is incinerated by the Lord. The wicked are stupid desperately trying to artificially save themselves in situations where they will be better off dead. They will be calling for death but it will flee from them.

johnlewisbrooks says:

The entire world is marching on full parade to wwiii!

Mary O'Dell says:

No one can hide from God. All we can do is pray for all our safety, be safe my fellow Patriots.(STAND STRONG!) Be right with God. God Bless…

Richard Teresi says:

Nicaragua and China are great places to run.. the leftists will be killed in China and the nicaraguan people wont stand for it…

Sharon Benson says:

They can all hide inside the depths of a mountain but there is one problem and there is no solution for this serious problem. There is no sun in darkness. You need the sun. If you hide inside a mountain for several years without actual sunlight, you're screwed, especially if you give birth to a child without any sun. Stay there long enough, the baby grows up and eventually gives birth and guess what happens? Human evolution. The baby may be born with no eyes and actually have feelers on its face. Nature adapts to the environment. You don't need eyes living in a sunless cave or mountain.

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