Massive Oil Fields In Texas Are Moving Up to 40 Inches, Now 4,000 Square Miles of Geohazard

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It began with sinkholes. Two of them, gaping mouths to nowhere opening up as if to swallow the town of Wink, Texas. As they expanded, there were fears they might collide, morphing into one giant void.

They first emerged in 1980, and things haven’t gotten better since. Now, an unprecedented study reveals Wink and its vast sinkholes are just a tiny part of a much bigger problem – a vast stretch of historical oil fields that are heaving and sinking, covering an area almost the size of Connecticut.

“The ground movement we’re seeing is not normal,” explains geophysicist Zhong Lu from Southern Methodist University in Dallas.

“The ground doesn’t typically do this without some cause.”

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Dong Wang Kong says:

Looks like My Sink Hole ?

commonconservative says:

if it smells like crude oil maybe they can tarp off sections and gather the fumes and compress it into tanks

Relevant .C says:

who would have thunk? geez.

Mistuh Hankey says:

Another reason we need to HANG George Bush

black diamond says:

oil is killing the world

Real Talk says:

We have drained so much oil the ground is hollow all around the wells. It will fall in. It's just a matter of time. Underground rivers going dry will do the same thing.

norman holland says:

The oil underground is capped with gas, when the drilling started the gas pushed the oil out as in gushers of old, when the gas stopped expanding they pumped water in to float the oil out.
However, the empty oil caps were not sealed, so these holes appear, ground pressure forces the oily water up to the surface and the surrounding soil drops down creating sink holes.
Land subsidence follows and fractures the water table, so water will be contaminated. Fracking has a similar effect.

Christienah Robertson Travis says:

Pecos, Texas is supposed to be in the middle of a volcanic field.

Katya Svetlana Kournikova says:

This video doesn't have sound.

sunwarz says:

This is a really good example of how corporations have no regard what so ever for the earth, peoples properties or there health , and they are never held accountable and never have to stop! Perfect example of the globalist deep state corruption! Not for the people they are for the profit, the don't live there they don't care, first they call it job creation like they are your saviors, then they advance the technology, and turn it into skeleton crew, fire everyone one and keep collecting the profits! They do this over and over again in every corporation of the elites, we are now classified the useless eaters no longer needed, after we initially built their empires for them with our blood sweat and tears and debilitating health, then they start predicting cuts in pensions health care, yada yada yada! F- them!

John Brightleaf says:

Wink should move to more solid ground….expediently

Sandy says:

Fracking and the earth's core is heating up………….sign of the times……with that and the many influences on our earth, combining with human greed, is tearing us apart.

Theo Martinez says:

Theyre going to take over the land and take it from whoever owns it.

alan clapp says:

Mother nature always has the last word

johnny says:

if oil is deep inside the earth theres a reason. it wasnt meant to be touched. no shovel was gonna get to that oil. man fcked up, he has taken the blood of the earth. now we all pay the price

Keith schultz says:

You don't have to be a rocket scientist to know what a shriveled up plum looks like
well the earth is changing from the fracking process. Will Greed will destroy the earth?

Gaetan Lacasse says:

Dutchsince has been telling it for years and professionnels keep telling the world he doesn't know what he is talking about. It is no secret, it is more like another coverup from the authorities.

Pete & Christine Gannon says:

I wonder why they filled with water. They should look into irrigation to create some farming. A little green in those otherwise wastelands would be a great improvement and be good to make up for China's terrible trade debacle causing the USA to produce for itself again. Just thinking out of the box here.

WH says:

Dahboo , you are off base here bud. You are inadvertenly spreading propoganda. I don't have time to type it out. But earthquakes are caused by earths very own geoforces . Drilling procedures do not cause earthquakes. Locations of earthquake activity can change from time to time due to changes in pressure points caused by shifting in tectonic plates. Fracting procedures have been around for half a century before the increases in earthquake activity. On the other hand , subsidence in the upper topography could be caused due to the water flood project . It could be dissolving a chalky carbonate zone to some extent. The earth is making a few changes , drilling or no drilling iit will still happened. It happened for millions of years before mankind even set foot on this earth . It takes eons for many of these changes to be initiated but when it happens it seems all new to people that have never seen it before so they look for " someone " to blame . Burn a witch .

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