Paul Joseph Watson Savage Moments!!!

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BehrooZ Abshar says:

Zionists plot…being down by idiot Muslims…

Camilla Maxild says:

Haha! Right again, Paul. Obvioulsy EU has an agenda here. And Yes, Sweeden is totally fucked up.

Stephen Palmer says:

1. Jews control Federal Reserve
2. Jews control six largest media conglomerates and all major TV networks
3. Jews control all six major Hollywood studios and Hollywood agencies
4. Jews control most major newspapers, magazines, radio stations
5. Jews control most major internet companies
6. Jews control most advertising
7. Jews control most professional sports
8. Jews control most Ivy League schools
9. Jews control most US real estate
10. Jews control most major US museums
11. Jews control most powerful political lobby groups
12. Jews promote feminism, gay rights, transgender to divide
13. Jews promote depravity in the media and fine arts to corrupt society
14. Jews promote political correctness and hate crime laws to silence free speech
15. Jews promote Affirmative Action to discriminate against Whites
16. Jews promote massive third-world immigration to dilute White majority
17. Jews promote racial strife to victimize minorities and demonize Whites
18. Jews use media, politics, wealth to empower minorities and condemn Whites
19. Jews instigate 911 to defeat Constitutional rights and perpetuate global conflicts
20. Jews instigate numerous lawsuits to ban Christianity from public sector
21. Jews showcase Holocaust yet Jews murdered millions more (Bolshevik Revolt, Holodomor)
22. Jews force massive immigration to White nations yet Israel has 440 miles of walls
23. Jews enact legislation to ban guns to render Whites defenseless
24. Jews are working to centralize digital currency to monitor and control each individual
25. Jews want free-trade zones to relinquish control from nations to international tribunals
26. Jews benefited greatly from Kennedy assassination
27. Jews from US installed Jewish Russian oligarchs in 1990’s to destabilize Russia
28. Jews use NGO’s (non-governmental organizations) to destabilize countries from within
29. Jews use media, banking, political control to topple sovereign nations
30. Jews want a global police-state government with open borders and plural society
31. Jews now control US, EU, Canada, Australia, New Zealand 
32. Jews now need to topple Iran and Russia to complete their goal of global conquest

flydove 2018 says:

I have been watching some of your youtube videos and I do like your positive point of views about politics; as well with the other topics you talk about in your channel. Also, it is fun watching your videos, most especially, when you mixed it with your sense of humor. In addition, I hate George Clonney's hypocrisy.

Wendy Capson says:

Love your videos

Kenxelsior says:

Paul is garbage!!!

03infidel says:

He is the best. Lays it all out so eloquently. We need a Steven Crowder comp again.. He’s being attacked right now and needs all the support he can get. Great video brother.

Keith Godown says:

This man is great !!!

Diuliane Silva says:

He is the BEST!♡

Stoutner Stoutner says:

Paul is the best

Stoutner Stoutner says:

Paul is the best

Only I Will Remain says:

UK police officers: Young lad, why are you strapped with explosives?
A guy: For Allah, to blow a hospital.
UK police officers. Right, carry on.

ViaOjo says:

I love Joseph Paul Watson – the truth with a dash of panache

Metal Head 420 says:

But Muslims are pig fucking pedophiles just like Mohammad and Allah they don’t eat pork they just fuck it….such a loving peaceful religion….let them all in every country what’s the worst that can happen….

The Ingenious One says:

Nice channel

BladedMallet223 says:

Yes, he is the best!

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