Russian election: allegations of ballot stuffing and voting irregularities

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As Russia votes, there are allegations of irregularities by President Vladimir Putin’s main critic, Alexei Navalny.
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- RAGUCOZ - says:

Russians hate Putin. He is worst President ever. #Navalny2024

sgtsnakeeyes11 says:

Russian trolls getting overtime pay disliking ballot stuffing videos.

Obi Kenobi says:

Yes just go on with delegitimizing everything. Fact is that nobody from out of russia has any say over the russian elections. Just the same as with the american elections.

ctguy591 says:

Has putin apoogized to the russian people yet about the 300 Russians killed in Syria on february 7th 2018 when they were ordered by putin to attack an American position witbout provocation which resulted in these casualties when the Americans were forced to defend themselves , putin ordered tbose killed to be cremated on the spot to prevent caskets going back to Russia , the bospitals in St Petersburg and Moscow are full of the suffering wounded !

Will Liu says:

Many Russians who don't like Putin voted for him. Now the Western countries with their Russian hysteria have only helped Putin.

JiM Beamer says:


Dmitry Vlasov says:

personally I do not want this person to be elected. Why? Yale!

Ирий says:

The West is shocked by Putin's support. Comes up with a lie.)))

Crusader General says:

The muslim appeasing dhimmis at CBC are certainly credible

MrGelowe says:

Whats with all the Russian trolls on CBC video comments?

Jean Berube says:

Sounds like a Canadian election

Patient Zero says:

Look at all these Russian Canadian bots that wanna #defundtheCBC

Nick Supapol says:

Why don’t you allow comments on all of your videos?

Jeff Peters says:

Does it really matter, the other candidates are lagging so far behind it wouldn't make a difference.

dan the man says:

CNN come knocking at your door

dan the man says:

watch out what you say here = you might end up in muellers witch-hunt

TheTechnoPilot says:

Wow the Russian bots are being put out in full force tonight!

Max Bet says:

a million… a million people… in a fact maximum 100 pro-americans stays behind…

Ziguy Rouxel says:

Is not new is same all the time with putin is a big election fraud

wiseass 5000 says:

Geee…Ya think so?

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