Saturday Night Live, Arcade Fire make fun of Canada and #MeToo

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Saturday Night Live poked fun at Canada and the #MeToo movement about sexual harassment. And Canadian band Arcade Fire, the musical guests, joined in the satire.
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az0963818 says:

I think, for Americans…they did pretty okay lol. They've definitely toned it down over the years. They sound a lot less Minnesota/Wisconsin this time around.

Ellen R. says:

I don't hear any accent at all.  It sounds just like all my fellow Canadians sound.

Alex Rocha says:

SNL nailed it! Best skit of the night's show.

keith bonham says:

I am very sorry I clicked on the CBC report . Time well wasted .

Hammy Red says:

Me too is trash what about Telford and Rotterdam or 120db real problems not this nonsense he said she said

badmojo420 says:

Canada is sorry for the CBC

MrPfosse says:

Me too I'm fed up with the CBC and the political correctness hypocrisy of the feminist pansy boys from Toronto ,who after all CAUSED this epedimic of everything is offensive every one is a victim .. and now they satire it as if it's not there fault.

3101010 says:

See how nonsense actually looks , the entire #Metoo movement boiled down to show how it eats itself.

Jean Berube says:

It's humor on your ridicule sjw movements.

Defund CBC

Captain America says:


Ma Op says:

I herd that women used to assult Justin Trudeau

Floyd Zepplin says:



I watched this crap. Sorry.

4thGradeDropout says:

Women everywhere spouting, "Pound me too!".

James Smith says:


Pablo Escobar says:


noid says:

Do people still watch SNL

Blazed and Confused says:

People still watch SNL?

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