“That’s Not How The System Works” Sarah Sanders Destroys Reporter Over Senate Democrats Obstruction

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“That’s Not How The System Works” Sarah Sanders Destroys Reporter Over Senate Democrats Obstruction

Sarah Huckabee Sanders Today (3/16/2018) takes questions from news reporters about senate obstruction and nominations

this is breaking news and latest news today in politics and political news from the white house press briefing 3/16/2018

questions during the white house press conference were mostly about donald trump and how president trump needs to get his nominations passed through the senate

original air date: 3/16/2018

fox news cnn and msnbc all covered and asked questions today

press secretary sarah sanders press briefing today


Jim says:

the woman has to deal with these idiots everyday!

seymore yo says:

See the look at the very end from her………. priceless!! Bet her kids are more mature then these "reporters".

Go Devils says:

White House Press core are pathetic Americans.

percy barker says:

Sarah you have to talk loud and slow to get a libtard to understand

Amber Gilman says:

She's awesome!! A role model for truth and no sugar coating. I love it!!

Col. Angus says:

Sarah for POTUS 2024.

Mike Frank says:

Why are these idiots allowed to be in that room? Stop having these ridiculous tabloid news press conferences.

Richard Willette says:

Sanders is the best man Trump has. The Colonel is a General nice guy & his chicken is full of healthy beaks and feathers

JD W says:

Wow! It is a novel concept for a politician going to D.C. And do the job! Oh wait, we elected a "non politician." So guess what! He went to do the job! I hope the politicians learn from Trumps Mentoring!

Mark Gardner says:

How she deals with these idiots is beyond me.

StephenNu9 says:

Touche, and well said.

Frank Jennings says:

Sic em' Sarah! Bite hard!

Thomas Michelsohn says:

The Democrats just want to vote for people qualified for the cabinet jobs.

Darren Tan says:

Don't do your job right, get the hell out.

Gary Witherspoon says:

Huckabee is dazzling in her Walmart Pepto Bismal fashion color. She is a dedicated follower of fascism

dogbitr 58 says:

Sarah go punch that Haley Berry want to be in the face

john phelan says:

There's a 'system?'

John Morrison says:

She's great! God bless you Sara

Eliasha Bourne says:

"Your job is safe. I will not fire you even if you don't do a good job or what you are supposed to even against what I tell you." Said no real world boss ever. Why would they? What planet are these people from where they are not held accountable for thier actions to a boss?????????

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