The Five 3/21/18 – Breaking Fox News – March 21, 2018

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SJT SJT says:

Find the leake and fire that fucker! Fucking can't thrust anyone who you work with! The media stop make a fucking big deal with the calls. Fucking obuma called putin too. No media's make a fucking big deal with it!

678921 says:

hey ur channel needs work why up load a video that lags and ships. done with this shit

Ian J McCullough says:

Juan should go get a job at CNN

Bilge Pump says:

I like Danas new doo. It looks soft.

To tell The truth says:

How dam stupid !! asking residents to leave their homes till situation investigated and in case more bombs were set, "for residents safety!" REALLY ?? sure.. leave your homes and risk another tripwire!!! Would have been smarter to make people stay inside till investigation complete ! DUH!!!

Mr. E says:

Its so nice that they let mentally retarded people like Juan have a voice on tv

Jay Jackson says:

juan is as big of a brain washed libtard as there is. juan is a total idiot. useful only to the Anti-America Globalist.

Jay Jackson says:

fire the libtard, President hating, anti-America, juan.

Jay Jackson says:

The brits did the poisoning juan.

Darris Thomas says:

I noticed that everyone on that panel has not called this an act of domestic terrorism. What happened to the party of political incorrectness?

Dan Craver says:

he killed himself I doubt that I wouldn't believe authority's there all government liars

kevin shelby says:

Juan and Dana are the only ones who has any sense on this show. Greg is a drug addict, Jesse is a gay racist and Kimberly is a slut. SAD!!!!!

geo con says:

So , I guess the left wants to ban all materials used to make a bomb now !

maria gabrielle says:

Q called this whole Zuckerberg thing. MZ met in the shadows w/top Democrat elitists @ 4am today. BOOM!

kevin shelby says:

Another dumb ass white boy doing dumb shit. All these mass shootings and violence is always weak whites. I'd much rather live with Muslims than these weak white folks.

anon says:

Yeah, the FBI and law enforcement got this guy so fast because he wasn't one of their operators …

Ali Sina says:

What a relief. Finally a good news. Hope he (the bomber) burns in hell for eternity.

Alex P Thorn says:

#boycott #comey

Comey must be prosecuted for all of his crimes and frame jobs he and the corrupt #FBI did to everyone

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