The Latest From Kellyanne Conway. Next Stop? Pennsylvania.

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Steve Cousins says:

QAnon Update. Classified: POTUS who is a slap and tickle aficionado with pornographic adult film stars is a subject of a lawsuit by the very curvaceous and top heavy Stormy Daniels. POTUS enjoyed her ample charms as Melania was at home tending to their newborn son. Beside the optics of a man who would enjoy an adult film star during this special time there are other things to consider. Is there photographs to be shared with his adoring base? Was there campaign funds used to buy her silence? Is the payoff contract POTUS's attorney made to keep her silent void because POTUS did not sign it? Will the Evangelical's continue to support this very flawed but wonderful example of a forgiven Christian man?

Laurence Smith says:

Shepard is another homo like Anderson Cooper trying to sink a republican.

Sarah O'Brien says:

She is great

Optimus Fine says:

What the hell is Kellyanne doing in a television interview? Wasn't she found in violation of the Hatch Act, twice? Kellyanne has no business representing the White House; she clearly does not abide by the rules and yet represents the "law and order" president. Doesn't seem right.

Daniel Smith says:

Shepard needs to shut up we want to listen to Kellyanne!

Jacob C says:

What a wonderful interview with kellyanne Conway !

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