The Very Latest from Kellyanne Conway! 6-26-17

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6-26-17…7:46 AM EST.


douglasbayne1973 says:

MAGA. Go Kelly!

C. Johnson says:

Senator Durbin's blaming Trump for the failure of Obamacare is ludicrous. It's like Hillary blaming everybody else for her failure to get elected. How stupid do the Democrats think we are? We see through their flummery.

Mary Behtash says:

Kellyanne is a robot, repeating all the lies, which she has memorized it, sooooo annoying.

Jchronic27 says:

Haha this crazy fool, she gets spoon fed an answer and can't even do shit but say those stats she burned in her brain for the last few days and nights straight haha. Clip plays, what do you think "that's why I think everyone should get on board so we can have some stability and make insurers feel safe again" which btw the whole plan is bs like kellyanne but I mean come on. Even those souless hosts couldn't hide their confusion at her stupidity

peter deed says:

The Orange Man whines and whines. Poor fellow

Rainy Hollowell says:

This lady actually "thinks" before she speaks. Excellent!!

Arturo murillo says:

800 billion cut in healthcare and billions cuts in Education USA going down

Rockinghorse Winner says:

The question shouldn't be, how many Americans will 'lose' their coverage. The question should be, 'How many Americans will acquire affordable, high quality health care? There are always outliers. The poor, sick and disabled can go on Medicaid. The working poor can apply for government assistance in the form of tax credits or whatever. There is no need, nor is it well advised to make health care a government service, because that will destroy high quality care, bankrupt the country and take away our ability to make decisions about our bodies, and put it in the charge of government bureaucrats….

mercurybravo1 says:

Our federal government is a disgrace. And it starts with our infant president and his crew of monkeys.

Donald Brown says:


SeanWyseman says:

The problem is that Trump has abandoned his election promise of inter-state competition between insurance companies. All the Republicans have abandoned interstate insurance competition. Not even the Democrats are holding Trump to it. That's because the insurance companies are blackmailing Trump with a threat to render all his assets non-insurable if he doesn't shut up about inter-state competition.

The only person left talking about interstate insurance is Anne Coulter. Why isn't any of the media criticizing the Republicans and Trump for abandoning the voters who believed he was actually going to create competition between insurance companies.

This is terrible that the Trump admin has dropped the ball on this. Why does Trump seem to ignore every health care bill and just lets the Fn Republicans create unsustainable and worse health care bills than ever before. This is corruption if I ever saw it. Please Mr. President remember your campaign and put a voice to your original ideas or explain why we can't have competition to bring down health care costs? Who owns you?

hr 777 says:

we love you kelly anne

Smoke says:

Kellyanne push for single payer for lawyers 1st? LOL

Sandra Oss says:

sick of the corruption in our gov.

Jorge Ramos says:

why do you interview her. I will never listen to her again. a waste of time

sam space says:

Kelly is the biggest bullshiter in the planet

Angel B. Higgins says:

Medicaid SHOULD be cut, I can name at LEAST 10 + people who are riding off the Gov't and Taxpayers $$ here in my state. They are using FREE coverage and receiving hundreds & hundreds of narcotics every month, then turn around and sell them for $20 a piece. They have thousands of undocumented income and stay unmarried to their significant other who also has income, in order to qualify for Medicaid and Food Stamps and they go on cruises, have brand new cars and receive disability but are capable of doing anything I am able to do EXCEPT work. They need to cut that shit to the bone and then start seriously looking into who NEEDS assistance as opposed to who QUALIFIES for it.

Ray Poitras says:

KellyAnne Convict is the biggest and ugliest bullshitter in the world !

Jill Adams says:

She is beautiful inside and out. I loved her reading to the children at the Easter Egg hunt. What a great role model for our young ladies.

Dionne Hayward says:


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