They’re Going to Break

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rebecca says:

ans since brian loves talking shit and making up stuff about Melanie dude have u seen your nerdy ugly ass wife lol you couldn't get a woman like her ever u seem a little jealous and love talking about trumps sex life but don't bring up the rapist bill Clinton whos wife u voted for. Jamie stelter look that ugly bitch up

rebecca says:

ive never in my life hated anyone to the point I wish them ill will but honey those pundits on cnn esp brian stelter lol who btw thinks hes a rock star he looks like the worst nerd/wannabe serial killer ive seen but the hate that comes out of me now when I see any clip of him or brooke or Anderson anyone of them makes me want to set them on fire.they relish anything bad or that might be bad for trump any little morsel they don't see the hypocrisy in the fact even if he did its something the voters knew as they did when the voted that idiot bill Clinton who did far worse while president what that man did many years ago in his bedroom isn't our business even now if he did I wouldn't give a shit as long as he is doing his job but they believe anything that's bad against him wtf is this woman now and look at stormy the trailer park scum have u seen the women he has had no way he slept with that thing and hush money of course that's al she wanted anyway look at her she still dosent get she looks as bad as he does lololol sluts who knew he had a wife yet there now getting praised and again I still don't believe a word any of those networks say nor do I care and brooke Baldwin so offended over the word boobs yet u cant stop talking trumps sex and btw shes looks like shes been doing meth imo

Monkey Boy says:

What about Russia? Please say more about Russia or Stormy Daniels (topless shots only).

SwissArmy1984 says:

I don't watch CNN for the same reason I don't eat out of the toilet.

CREvothegreater says:

cnn has a combined iq of 55……

Frank Beans says:

McCabe needs to be arrested and put in a cell next to Clinton.

Bryce Looney says:

The media is going to get triggered again when President Trump wins again!

Surfer Gnome says:

Save the Triceratops

Rich F. [Trump Is Your President] says:

Oy vey! Bernstein schmernstein.
The goy know. Shut it down!

Paul W says:

My family told me I am part alien…..they would know!  I need a DNA TEST.

Icon says:

:53……….hard to watch that chunky idiot …such an idiot

stevebrownrocks says:

DAMN IT! I was hoping dyke-ass Pocahontas would run for President, w/ Mad Maxine as her mate. The potential humor is overwhelming, maybe she will reconsider.

Lynn Lamont says:

Brennan is a Jesuit jackass braying boldly as Heckle and Jeckle caw out the refrain.

Lynn Lamont says:

Brian's slip is showing

Alex Tro says:

Def very proud that We Conservatives are not alone in this libterded age of deceit!! Great channel Mark and I hope ppl keep listening to ur vids. I agree 100% keep posting vids!!!

freebirth2005 says:

why is President Trump under atact when hillary and oboma and there gang go free?

SeanP7195 says:

And just like that Elizabeth Warren was defeated. Just threw out the Pocahontas thing (which he always misspoke it was supposed to be Fauxcahontas) and she was finished. It was that simple, the DNC said no go Liz. Imagine what he will do when they throw up some savior to the public.

SeanP7195 says:

Ahh yes, because we all know the KGB was always fighting the media, celebrities, academia, in mother Russia right MSNBC? No assholes, you people are the KGB. Deception and accusing everyone of doing exactly what you are doing. Communist mother fuckers.

Dan Willow says:

McCabe does not deserve to be free. He should be in jail.

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