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Mark Dice says:

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JESUSis LORD says:

The white man don't let me get my hair did!

Marek Suma says:

You Americans are used to shaming. At school they make you carry enormous "hall passes" when you need to go take a leak during classes. Why not unlock these shelves and put a huge anti-theft badges on these products that will make it harder to stuff them in peoples pocket?

brian love says:

This just shows how retarded this bitch is lmao

jon shadow says:

Lowlifes have always stolen razor blades ,every security guards knows this.

andr27 says:

USA getting fucked up more every day. These things are ubelievable fucked up

Gerberger says:


Blitzie 123 says:

My heavens this disease has mutated into something worse! !!

Deborah Kamerick says:

Ya ! They discriminate against people who smell good too! All the perfume is locked up! Oooh please! Stop it!!!!!

razorsharpbt says:

You should be suing the thieves.

Rat Racer says:

we're not going to turn a blind eye to crime just bc its black people. how stupid..stop breaking the law assholes

Mad Marc says:

If people will stop stealing the products then this wouldn't happen. This has nothing to do with racism, it has everything to do with stealing…… If cookies are suddenly disappearing they're going to lock them up, if cigarettes are disappearing they're going to lock them up, I used to work for Walmart and they had all of their tobacco products locked up for a reason. Because people stole them.

RimeTime says:

Isn't it astounding that many blacks are pissed because they cannot steal easily and get away with it

Ron Eagle says:

It be racist fixen stuff makin it hard fer hood rats to steal!

carrieanndrew says:

Baby formula is locked up because drug dealers use the formula to cut Heroin with
It's a shame because of these lowlifes we are inconvenienced

Valentin SNV says:

Actually this whale is suing wallmart because she wants some money out of this from doing nothing, that is what the negroes do, absolutly nothing

MajikkijaM says:

If it gets stolen too much then they will just stop selling it at all.

Robert Travers says:

Look at these fools. Wonder why Africa is a non-functioning continent? All the resources they have should make them all rich. Yet they live in poverty. Ignorance bears no fruit

Bill Hines says:

Huh, maybe stop stealing everything thats not nailed down then? Maybe not act like the stereotypes you bitch about but mimic to a T? Maybe stop burning and destroying your own shit and then scream at others and cry because they have some nice shit? The insanity here just scares the living shit out of me knowing that we as a society accept this type of behavior .and turn a blind eye and ignore the fact that they are killing each other and destroying entire neighborhoods and then have the nerve to blame the white guy? Yeah that dog dont hunt no more and we arent falling for that bullshit anymore either.I say put a wall around these citys like Chicago and let them kill each other off. Problem solved. And when its over bulldoze the shit hole to the ground and build a nice theme park in its place and enjoy life!!!

vince pie says:

People stealing a particular item at a higher frequency implies crime. Not racism

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