Tucker: Trace the decline of men to disappearance of fathers

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‘Men in America’: Having a father at home is a sign of affluence. But it is also a cause of affluence, especially for boys. Boys who grow up with a father at home earn much more as adults. Boys who grow up alone with their mothers tend to earn less. They also have more disciplinary problems in school. They read less, and less well. They’re less likely to graduate high school or go to college. They are more likely to be unemployed and to live in poverty. #Tucker

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Layla Tough Love Stepford says:

Single mothers should NOT be admired [unless they're widows]. They are abusing their kids by denying them fathers. #KidsNeedDads

Mr. Z says:

I believe this issue is much more profound than our society is conscious of. Liberals have actually brainwashed the public into assuming that by nature, if you are male, you are automatically an oppressor. For this reason it is impossible for any adult man to exist in accordance with his authentic self for fear of being called a name…"bully"…"sexist"…"chauvinist"… ect. And those who know better (conservatives/logically minded adults) lack the courage to say the truth for the very same reason. Therefore this whole phenomenon reshapes the order of nature and will ultimately cause the collapse of civilization.

Layla Tough Love Stepford says:

The most important thing left out of this message is how much Single Mothers are responsible for this problem: It's ironic when people want to exclude dad from the decision-making process but advocate for his inclusion in the punishment process….. Particularly in the context of teenage pregnancy, most of the "dads" never wanted, consented or agreed to have kids in any way, shape or form but they had no choice.

Only "mothers" get to have this choice of getting pregnant or not, as well as going through with the pregnancy or not. So why wouldn't all or the vast majority of the focus/shaming be on the mothers? Unless the mothers give the fathers equal say in the decision, they shouldn't expect them to pay the consequences for choices that were stolen from them.

Many of the children who grew up with single mothers have psyched themselves into believing – or were manipulated to believe – that they "don't need their fathers" or that "fathers aren't [as] important [as mothers]". However, this is not true, which is also why most of these kids end up seeking "father figures" to fulfill this role in their life at some point. Some mothers even have different dads for each of, or most of, their kids – creating much more tension between all of the different people involved [from the kids to the fathers to the new wives and other kids etc.].

Fathers are vital to a child's development. Fathers have a different approach to parenting and life in general, that children miss out on when they only have a mother; Just like when children miss out on the unique things that mothers have to offer when they are raised by single fathers.

Even more unfortunate for too many of these children, is that the sole reason why they are being deprived of their fathers, is simply because their mothers are choosing to deprive them of this necessary bond.

According to Dr. Warshak, a graduate of Cornell University and a clinical, research, and consulting psychologist: Most children whose parents live apart from each other long for a good relationship with both parents and want to be raised by both. In my own studies, and those of other researchers, children say that the worst part of divorce is that they do not get to spend enough time with their parents. The parent they spend the most time with during the week usually has less time for the children after the divorce because of the responsibilities of earning a living and running a household without the other parent’s assistance. Children are also unsatisfied with the type of relationship they can have with a parent seen mainly on weekends.


PatPat Pat says:

Poor Tucker playing catch-up with what most men who are over 35 already knew. Wish some reporter would cover how Feminism has driven away men who women should have married. Real truth is men are disgusted with the thought of living with a woman in marriage. To many risks!!!

David Smith says:

Affirmative Action is now over 45 years old on 3rd generation. It was originally a temporary program as a head start. AA is sexist and racist. Fatherless black families run about 60%. Fatherless whites are about 20%. Why should white males do the work to excel in education, training and experience only to see some AA quota get the nod due to race or gender? Best to just quit. Better yet, burn the whole place to the ground so those who think that they will use the Courts to replace effort and ability will inherit just a pile of charcoal.

Mary O'Dell says:

STOP SHORT CHANGING OUR KIDS. All kids deserve a dad in their lives. No amount of money can replace a dad. My opinion. God Bless…

Theo Weath says:

75% of divorces are filed by Women.

nordic marc says:

I challenge anyone who will go out to construction jobs home repair jobs and if there are illegals working on the job and most of them are illegals to get the name of company they work for and contractor and then put it in there local news paper.because construction legal worker's that has spent there whole life working are now not able to find work .does anyone have the balls to stand up and look out FOR them.

Carole Robinson says:

Why can't the left see they are creating a state of Anomie. Or is that the actual plan?

Ain’t no Fool says:

Single mothers have virtually no skills to teach their children besides their one job skill ( if applicable), social vanity, sexual manipulation, and playing the state system. All useless things to pass onto children. Unless the goal by these single mothers is to literally doom a boy to becoming the things Tucker describes. Or in the case of girls, to teach them to be manipulative cloned whores of their mothers. Which is unfortunately far to often.

David Rodriguez says:

It's all about population control. Why have wages been stagnant for the last thirty years? So people can't afford a large family. Why has government subsidized planned parenthood, population control. Why have they pushed the climate change agenda? population control. Japan is in trouble because they are not replacing the older population. Add Russia to that as well. This hurts a country unless that country recruits immigrants. The decline of the Roman Empire was caused by the same liberal ideas of having limited children and probably contraception methods as well. This led directly to the empire being over run by having to hire or enslave thousands of people to do the everyday work which Roman citizens no longer wanted to perform. Eventually they rebelled and the empire fell and the dark ages began. The attack on the family now in our time is to keep the population declining. The United States is now just about even when it comes to replacing our own population, for every one person that dies only 1.5 people are born. Now we have the drug problems and our young people are over dosing and dying by the thousands. You don't believe me? Oh well just remember I told you so.

Beyond_the_Infinite says:

Communist goals against the USA since WWII:
Break up the nuclear family
Control the educational system to brainwash children
Promote immorality, homosexuality, and pornography
Control the media.
Disarm the populace.
Socialize the economy and make people dependent on government.
Attack religion, especially Christianity, and promote darwinsim and atheism.

It has taken 60 years but the commies have largely succeeded.

Triple fife says:

And they keep asking where have all the good men gone.

Procommenter says:

Fantastic Voyage by David Bowie
It's a moving world,
but that's no reason
To shoot some of those missiles
Think of us as fatherless scum
It won't be forgotten
'Cause we'll never say anything nice again, will we?

Marriet Visser says:

Stunning facts. Thank you.

Marriet Visser says:

Don't forget all the US men who got killed in the two decades of wars America waged in other countries.

Greg OBrien says:

Maybe we should stop incarcerating men more than any other country in the world? Maybe the war on drugs is doing more to separate men from their children than lack of God? But you know – I'm sure you're right. If those women would just marry that daddy in jail, the kids would be great.

Richard Schletty says:

Spot on, Tucker. Thank you for bringing light to significant factors in the decay of family life and resultant behavioral problems of adolescents.

Euroheat0022 says:

Last I checked 7 out of 10 school shooters came from fatherless homes. That is a pattern last I checked

Manny Sereno says:


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