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Michael Skinner says:

They will never tell the truth. Just like cnn here full of lies.

Awakened2Truth - Disciple of Jesus the Christ says:

It should be called 'British Beguiling Cabal'/'British Baphomet Corporation"/British Bewitching Cabal/Corporation". They will never seemingly tell the truth unless it's some bits of it.

Unstoppable Tramp says:

In short – no they will never tell the truth unless of course it runs concurrent with their agenda.
They are the propaganda outlet for the UK and most people take what they say as gospel.
I mean they have the lovely David Attenborough making such powerful programs about nature and so they must care – about us – about the planet?
It wont be long though till the truth comes out about the fact he had been sexually molesting penguins down at Antarctica all along.

The whole organisation is a disgrace, Jill Dando was going to expose the paedophillia that was rampant in the BBC and among the British establishment but guess what?
That lone gunman (again) murdered her. Blamed on a loner and subsequently exonerated , my guess is the guy is a MI5 asset at the very least.S Surprising he wasn't in fact murdered himself really! Perhaps he was a patsy that was sensible enough to have a dead man's switch? Many are clearly not though as the 7/7 London bombers found out when they were assassinated at Canary Wharf that day after never had board the trains they were supposed to blow up.

Ah, people are waking up but very late in the day sadly. And all the coming craziness could have been avoided but people are lazy…..

Look at the interview with Esther Rantzen to do with Jill Dando, she is a disgrace who very much knew what was going on but did nothing!

Crime Watch and Childline are only a screening service to keep big names out of the frame. Bastards will rot in Hell

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