2 men injured in 4th bomb attack in less than 20 days: Authorities

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Police in Austin, Texas, said the device had been detonated by a tripwire.


TheClown FromYouTube says:


Tony in Arizona says:

can you say hoax?

MercySincere says:

white alt wrong terrorist

Julius Wilbrand says:

Unabomb return?

H Nunies says:

This is where the government plants planned bombings over the U.S so they can set up checkpoints. Mass shooting= disarm the citizens.. bombers need higher security= checkpoints.. Part of the NWO plan

IWalkWaterRuns says:

Hoax. ABC your such a sellout. Their is no blood at the scene and its paint not blood. Last time I checked blood wasn't neon red. if something caused an explosion why isn't the bike destroyed? No attack went down here. Government false flag.

Lilian Alvarenga says:

Kapkan is on the loose?! All jokes aside this is fucked up

FluxRG says:

Man we live in a fucked up country

Brandon Camp says:

360p ganggg

KirbyBoy_2001 says:

Man, is it even safe in the U.S. anymore?!

Saul Trujillo says:

He is a fucken terrorist mate…drill that into your white lenses. Ameristan

Saul Trujillo says:

He is a terrorist

Old Man Joe says:

Dang ! Now I cant receive a box from Fedex…I can't take a plane… I cant go to church… I cant go to an outdoor concert… I 'm sure glad I graduated from high school back in the 60's and I cant go into a New York high rise building. Am I safe in my own house or will a bunch of street creatures break in some night ?

Nerkomashup Kuru says:

Fucking terrorist !

IKDDMYLOVES loves says:

Hmmmm trump ruined AMERICA as long as hes in charged America will not get better! Stop chasing porn stars around the hotel room in his white undies pay attention of whats happening in America.

João Filipe da Costa says:

Americans seem to literally be retarded.

Vanessa Kurtz says:

funny CNN doesn’t mention it !!

Jonathan Mendoza says:

trump now what are mexicans criminal y violadores q me dises de est9 y de las matansas en la escuelas??

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