White House press briefing on Trump’s congratulations Putin, Robert Mueller investigation | ABC News

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White House Press Secretary Sarah Sanders takes questions from the media, followed by analysis on ABC News’ “The Briefing Room.”

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Jay Thomas says:

I just don’t understand how she can get up there day in and day out and spout bull$#!+. Go to sleep with dogs you will wake up with fleas.

Ian Banks says:

This has to be one of the most incompetent, chaotic, inept and incoherent administrations in American history.

氷室 海斗Hideyasu says:

Why does she always look like she's struggling to hold in a fart?

Rick Winslow says:

The president is "frustrated" What a bunch of bullshit.

Toni Desenze says:

I’m glad we’re not in the business of expecting other countries to be like our politicians, honest, caring about their citizens, not willing to steal citizens’ money, not having blood on their hands, creating fair trade, not being bought and paid for, not responsible for murders, and so many other wonderful things. I know Putin is no saint, but they are a superpower that I would rather be on our side and not against us, and who the hell are we to judge! Our slate is filthy dirty.

Raymond Isiah says:

Let Pamela be white house spokeswoman!!

Raymond Isiah says:

Trump please get another white house spokeswoman!!

Potwheelz says:

Trumptards are indebted to the Russians. Thanks. They should at least start buying Vodka and AK47's. They owe them that much in return.

Potwheelz says:

We're supposed to be relating to Canada France Great Britain. Russia? Who's next? North Korea?

jmms429 says:

Press briefings used to be an hour or more, but I'm not sure I would be able to listen to "UHH" for that amount of time. VERY annoying and in overdrive today.

R. Powell says:

Man, that look she always has on her face, that grimace. She could strip paint off a wall just by looking at it. Maybe when she was young she ignored the warning not to make that face in case the wind changed direction and she was stuck with it forever. What a bush pig she is!

Мнимый says:

Американские чиновники! Мы русские плюём на ваши могилы!
А ты Маккейн сдохни уже, рак тебя возьми!

Thomas Sutherland says:

horrible dress

cute kitten luna gaming says:

i don’t like Sarah sanders

Sarah: turnover is normal
journalist: yes but this much turnover is abnormal
(Sarah interrupts in middle)
Sarah: no i said turnover is normal

WTF is wrong with you Sarah

Ewan Copp says:

But when Justin Trudeau says he felt upset over Fidel Castro's death, and ACTUAL dictator, but oh wait he's a liberal so no one cares or condemns him

Marie Gamalski says:

Such a detestable woman…love it when she babbles how "Christian" she is….she hasn't spewed that in awhile. Come on Huckleberry, remind us again!!

David Steiber says:

Hey if demilitarizing were important to both leaders, they could do it. They are literally the ONLY TWO that could do it…. So it's clear they don't both want to do it. Fucking egos I swear. Narcissists. Why do we allow the mentally ill to lead us?

Oh wait, most of us realize life is finite and we just want to enjoy it for the small moment that it lasts. None of us give a shit about these power struggles.

wrinkleneckbass says:

6:56 "We don't get to dictate how other countries operate". HEY LADY!!! That's exactly what the US has been doing to other countries for decades. And now they're doing it back to us. If we could see her thought bubble (if she actually has one), it would probably say "Please someone kill me…I hate this job!".

Ladi Jae says:

"HOW can she come out there every day LIE and Keep a Straight face??? Wait…she can't it is TWISTED!!!! Hahahaha when is she going to do like Sean Spicer and just go hide in the BUSHES!!!!

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