Environmentalists FREAK After Trump EPA Chief Issues the ONE RULE That Could Expose EVERYTHING!

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Michael Bastasch for the Daily Caller reports, Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Administrator Scott Pruitt will soon end his agency’s use of “secret science” to craft regulations.

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mason yahn says:

Great,we want to see proof of all things it's not like we trust at all we don't !!!

captainjerk says:

I'm gonna change my car's oil, and dump it down the kitchen sink.
I'm gonna leave the cap off the gasoline can so the ethanol evaporates.
I'm gonna flush twice, even when I don't have to.
I'm gonna leave the water running for an hour a day, and not even drink a drop of it.
Might as well.
All these hippies think they know what's best? Really?
So, you hippies are perfect?
You all stopped using toilet paper?
You all use pine cones as tampons?
Call yourselves progressives?
More likely, REgressives.
Fuckin' morons.
How ya gonna get to hte next hippie rally? Walk?
I doubt it…

razorback144 says:

maybe they are begging someone to pop them a new ass hole in the forehead….bunch of sniveling retards!!!!

Mr3bedid says:

In some states the immediate family of EPA employees get to go to college for free !! With the 10 year public employee student loan forgiveness plan guess what else these workers don't have to pay for?

Rodney Armstrong says:

Look the evironmentalist don't know there Bible humans don't destroy the Earth God does. But do you see them going out to protest God for what he's going to do to the Earth no because they don't even know God.

David Jeffrey Spetch says:

What is she saying, it will only be a matter of time before factually proven leftist lies are removed from the medical and science fields while factually proven LGBT lies are also removed from legislation!!!

Lonita Dalton says:

Secret science kept in silence? Screamers screaming on new screenings.

S C says:

Have a good vacay Gary

Kevin honey says:

she scream Nooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Chainsaw Surgeon says:

Just noise pollution.

Danny Willis says:

Where is the black life matters…..yelling all trees matters

President in 2016 Michael Neal says:

she screaming, a squirrel just ran up my pants leg and i think i like it

Arnold Harris Jr says:

Maybe all that screaming will draw the attention of sasquatch and he'll show them what screaming truly is before he shuts them up permanently.

Raymond Jensen says:

Definition of an environmentalist: Someone who cannot see the forest because they are hugging trees.

Erin Oakley says:

Marry me TODD THE TREE!!! Yes, this is something these treehugging lunatics do…they fall in love and have sex with fuckin TREES! This is not a joke, I wish it was…bitches be having sex with TREES!

TONY Z says:


zoliezee says:

"Please kill us! We are not worthy!"

David Emerson says:

This makes too much sense.

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