Chit Chat Live | April 5, 2018 | Guest, Joe Seales with Right Side Broadcasting Network

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Join Diamond and Silk for a special edition (Thursday, 4/5) of the “Chit Chat Live” program with guest, Joe Seales. We’ll be discussing the latest news headlines and setting the politicians and media straight.

Joe Seales is the founder and CEO of Right Side Broadcasting Network.

For more information, please visit:

The Diamond and Silk “Chit Chat Live” program appears Mondays at 8pm Eastern on YouTube Live, Facebook Live and Twitter. You can also view the program at


Cease says:

Keep up the GREAT work lady PATRIOTS

Yin Yang says:

amazing as always…say it like it is

There Are Only 2 Genders says:

Heard about the facebook issue. Sorry girls that you gotta get persecuted like yall do. When someone's losing the battle, they just try and shut up the opponent.

Dave Schultz says:

YouTube is run by left wing maoist.

Leony Nation says:

What's up with your Facebook page?

Jj Johnson says:

Geek is right!!! But God can bring down the biggest there is, no matter how big they think they are or no matter how wealthy they are, means nothing to Father God, real yahwah, of heavens & earth & all thongs there in are His to do with as pleases HIM!!! Good post, good points, God keep safe & well!!

shanah Tovah says:

Miss you both SO MUCH!

Simple Cotton1 says:

I am disgusted with FB, refusing to allow you on their media.

User Name says:

Some other video informed that YouTube had hired S othen P owerty L aw Center to go ever peoples videos as well as their private Gmail. We all need to move away from American controlled sites and software. Just pray that other countries will send up satellites that can bypass the U.S. ones.

DLS Dyer says:

MLK a man of integrity vs. Al Sharpton a tax evading charlatan. No wonder the movement stagnated.

Elaine Brown says:

You ladies are soooo right!

Mike D says:

by the way , the chat is 100% blocked on my computer… i NEVER chatted on youtube before but im 100% blocked … what a scam.

Mike D says:

will 1 of these women marry me or not? im not going to waste my time if i have no chance at all…

Makinja says:

These marching illegals are actually showing how they would behave if they did get into the USA. No respect for a another sovereign nation's existing laws, as in USA. Demanding rights they have no right to. What makes anyone believe they would suddenly behave on arrival? We already have the experience with many of them who previously came in illegally and continue criminal behavior. The same chaos, disorder and anti social behavior they fail to effectively challenge in their own countries, is what they intend for these United States. Puhleeze, they're not fooling any body.

Parcke075 says:

If you kniw which ads that were sponsoribg or monetizing you, then contact that compay's ad dept and tell them who you are and your story especially if you know that company is neutral or conservative/libertarian leaning.

Katrina Quick says:

Hello how do i get tickets to come see u all?

Parcke075 says:

Google it? Google will use algorithm to make sure you don't get straight to the true answers. Try for searches while especially using a VPN software running in the background.

Landen N says:

I'm 14 years old. I love you guys so much. I like how one talks and the other is all like MHM! I wake up every morning before school and watch you guys. ~landen,14, Michigan

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