☢️ Suspected chemical attack ‘kills 70’ in Syria’s Douma | Al Jazeera English

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A warning: you may find some images in this report distressing.

Syrian medics say at least 70 people have been killed in a suspected chemical attack in the rebel stronghold of Douma in Eastern Ghouta.

The Syrian government is calling it a fabrication.

The military has intensified its bombardment of Douma in recent days after talks with rebels collapsed.

Al Jazeera’s Hannah Hoexter reports.

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Игорь Иванов says:

Надеюсь, этот чел, американо-сирийский медицинский ассоциатор, объяснит всё военно-гражданской администрации.

Mercy Chanter says:

Who uses inhalers at chemical attacked people? This looks more like they were treated for smoke inhalation.

JC Castillo says:

the idiots who think this is real are the same idiots who think that 9/11 was orchestated in a cave of afghanistan

Sholeh93 says:

oil-oil they need oil.. USA – RUSIA

Silverian Jannvs says:

self chemical attack by desperate terrorists

superb burak says:

WHY all the treated and washed are children ? this seems more like an emotional hit !!.. any clever person can understand that this is smth. staged !!..assad almost got all the area why he has to use chem. ? those who lost the territory against assad has more reasons for using chemical weapons in order to make west to attack syria..

Jamie Amato says:

If it is not the government dropping bombs then the terrorists must have access to planes with bombs???

jeri donaldson says:

Wow worthwhile Expert grade video. Perhaps you have looked at tyrannyunmasked?


white helmets = cia

Русский Патриот says:

Асада мочить надо

adrian blade says:

You'd be a fool to believe this at this point.

RogerGT says:

White Helmets are actors, liars, con artists. Fake chlorine attack. Fake film set up.

Leonard Grabsky says:

It should be obvious to anyone that the most likely source of the chemical weapons attack in Douma is the rebels based there who want to provide the West with a pretext to intervene militarily on their behalf, yet no politician has the courage to state this in public.

nguyen van says:

I heard the conspiracy theory all the time, it said, '' The U.S.A supports the terrorists''. Well, I now realised that The U.S.A could do everything. God bless The U.S.A., bless the world!

Sargon Asmar says:

Fake news ….god bless you putin and iran and hezbollah and syrian and all martyr joe fight west support terrorist

Tridiip Johari says:

This is horribly a fake, this evil are good creating conflict

jutubaeh says:

there was no trouble in syria hal almost all middle east… för decades… until phaike 911 öR ^

jutubaeh says:

´´nö internet then gather an örg and büy a sat dish düdes i aint getting grilled över nöthin!
or irrädiätet -.-

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