🇦🇿 Azerbaijan’s Aliyev set to win poll boycotted by opposition | Al Jazeera English

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For the past 25 years, the oil-rich nation of Azerbaijan has been ruled by members of the Aliyev family.

The current President Ilham Aliyev assumed office after the death of his father in 2003, and he is expected to win a fourth term on Wednesday.

However, human rights groups accuse him of undermining democracy after giving members of his own family top government jobs.

Al Jazeera’s Neave Barker reports.

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Diana Burnhope says:

I just wondering. All this English speakers talking about, taking videos, but can’t protect human rights. Poor nation is suffering from this family and did suffered when haydar vas on power. I just wish Country to have a man with big bools who go ahead and shut this family all together.

Azad A-va says:

Dictator İlham Aliyev

Somali Nat Soc says:

Somalia saan maka Dici kartaa

Aaron Colusso says:


Atilla YURT says:

gözlerimiz ELÇIBEĞ gibi bir yiğit arar….

Donald Trump says:

Ilham Aliev DICTATOR!!! Despot!!!!!

Azerbaijan Armed forces says:

Do you really think that democratic elections are held in Azerbaijan? Ilham Aliyev – dictator, he built an authoritarian regime in Azerbaijan

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