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Canada’s sporting community is in mourning after 15 junior ice hockey players from the same team were killed in a bus crash.

The Humboldt Broncos were travelling near the town of Tisdale in Saskatchewan province, when a truck crashed into them.

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is among those paying tribute to the victims of one of the worst disasters to hit Canada’s sporting community.

Al Jazeera’s Mike Hanna reports.

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ziggy morris says:

Absolutely terrible

Religion WhistleBlower says:

If you knew where you came from, why you are here, and where are going after here you would know that the ones whom their life were taken and they were under the age of 41 are in the Heaven having fun, since the age of responsibility is 41. And the Almighty Creator controls life and death, while love ones are suffering here. Therefore, learn the system of your Creator so you would not suffer, and leave this world as a winner.

Rata 4U says:

I'm not gonna say it's the truckers fault but what i will suggest is to have police look into where the trucker picked up his load. In Vancouver SE Asians bid on loads at the terminals and they undercut each other leaving them hardly any money so they are forced to race to pick up the next load endangering lives. One trucker was doing 80 kph in a 50 kph zone and as wrong as i was i raced in front of him and forced him to come to a complete stand still and held him there. He thought his air horn was going to change his predicament but i waited and waited.

Google Mail says:


Will says:

The driver must be detained. The release of the driver is completely against protocol, & it is part of abuse in the enforcement of the law.

Will says:

They released the driver of the semi-trailer. The majority of the articles go right into some type of obituary instead of investigative content. This is an outrage. There are political interests being protected with this incident instead of the liability & process of the enforcement of the law. Truth is not being upheld. The driver must be incarcerated, and the RCMP (especially Curtis Zablocki) who released him be detained for investigation. This is not to be treated as some quick "open and shut" case.

Drivers have been punished for much less by the law. @general. If that is the case, the driver's life should be completely over.

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