🇸🇾 Syria chemical attack: ‘Many children have been killed’ | Al Jazeera English

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The US is calling for an international response against the Syrian government if reports of a chemical attack on a rebel-held area of Eastern Ghouta are confirmed. Medics say about 70 people were killed in the suspected gas attack in Douma. The Syrian government is calling it a fabrication.
Rescuers say they are struggling to get to the survivors and retrieve the bodies of the dead because of a strong chlorine-like smell. They do not have the protective gear they need and the healthcare system in Douma has been devastated by the long government siege.
Al Jazeera’s Natasha Ghoneim reports from neighbouring Jordan.

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Rasheed Rashid Al Qalil Al-Adab /Adab Siz says:

I don't like to see children suffering, I hate it.

Алексей Лазарев says:

Another fake from white helmets.

Gfgjffbfa Hgfhfd says:

حسبي الله ونعم الوكيل
لا حول ولا قوة الا بالله العلي العظيم

GIGO AreUSerious says:

Al jazeera: You are a morons & insulting your own intelligence, You are a coward & puppet
Have u forget on your day & the lords sword?

z planetx says:

CIA needs to be disband…

indi123 says:

fake fake fake fake

VADIM150RUS says:

Лживые выродки!

skyym3 says:

Lies, all lies. Those that don't see or understand what is going on, our doomed to there own ignorance.
My people will perish because of there lack of knowledge.
Stop watching TV and start searching like your soul depends on it, so you will not be caught off guard when our Lord comes back.

Яков Соколов says:

Another blatant lie.Movies for dumb people.

Flo Float says:

A hideous crime against humanity! Should be condemned by all nations.

Osama Kaakarni says:

The terrorists are losing and losing left and right so the Syrian army decides to use chemical weapons? The main stream media is using us as fools and insulting our intelligence. I do not believe it. The media and the terrorists prove yet again their inability to have the upper hand. So long eye witnesses. The Syrian army must have a smart chemical that affects only children and babies. Wow. Please try to sell me ice cream in the dead of winter and I will buy, but not this story.

Tttt Tttt says:

Assad and Putin are evil monsters. They should be killed, as soon as possible and their families should be killed too, as they did it to a lot of innocent people. It will be just fair

Ryan Favale says:

Obviously fabricated. I lived in India for 3 months. This kind of fabricated suffering is common in the Middle East.

Dreha Gergerg says:

Fake! Those aren't dead babies. They're sleeping! Bashar Al Assad is an innocent victim of an international conspiracy. Anyone who says anything bad about him is in Al Qaeda. Long live Vladimir Putin!

Sammy Awada says:


Hashimoto Altai says:

I hope the families of those who support assad will experience the same pain as these attacked by chemical weapon

VHSKisten says:

More fake American propaganda! This is getting ridicolous, they don't even try to make it believeable anymore… WHY ON EARTH would the Syrian regime use chemical weapons, when they already control some 85-90% of the area, and obviously know the consequences ? It just makes no sense! This is clearly a rebel attack in hopes of invasion, so that the islamists can take power, as we've seen in Iraq, Libya, Afghanistan list goes on.. or staged event like all the other fake accusations, intended to put Assad, but especially Russia in bad light.

Abdul Razak says:

false flag and paid actors!

Prince Amoah says:

Killing of innocent children and the UN are doing nothing to them WHAT A WORLD

you tube says:

Who care about PISSLAM

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