🇸🇾 Syria hiding, moving potential military targets after US threat | Al Jazeera English

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This comes after Western nations promised a response to a suspected chemical weapons attack that killed at least 85 and affected hundreds of others in the city of Douma.

The Syrian government has been hiding aircraft, moving its assets and evacuating potential targets, including the ministry of defence and army headquarters in Damascus.

Al Jazeera’s Zeina Khodr reports from Beirut in neighbouring Lebanon.

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Dima Limarenka says:

Video after attack on Syria.

Reporters standing next to building that was targeted. No chemicals. Another lies from America government

chris60810 says:

israel why would you kill innocent people with your chem attack

Issak ahadu says:

On Syria…aljazzera is ISIS tv

Janoor Hot says:

Amerca is mother of all torrourest USA will lose this war shame on USA falls flag

MR FOGGY says:

shame on people of united states

abdourahman soudais says:

how many chemical were used in Afghanistan, lebanon and Yemen why is it not a concern

abdourahman soudais says:

Al Jazeera is biased why do you see opposion as human beings just in Syria and while in all Arab countries there is no freedom of speech neither freedom of religion. Arabs are the most barbaric people of today's world. If there were united and put aside their differences they can lead the world but they are so selfish that even their own interests don't matter all what matters are their American master's interests

Seiko Entertainment says:

america will gone definitely now time has come of downfall of america because russia china pakistan turkey iran syria north korea is the strongest allies and they will win the war against any powers at once

Seiko Entertainment says:

i am shock that america is caring about syrian's people in reality america is the creater of destruction in syria

Confirmed Russian Bot says:

Why are the Saudis quiet? Too busy killing Yemenis to join in?

Christopher O'Neil says:

That'll happen when Trump gives you a big heads up… This is ALL just political theater.

Glowing Trebstep says:

That dang Trump

Dead Army says:

This is my opinion do not just hate this comment because you read the first sentence and you disagree.

I feel the Us was forced into this bombing Syria by the French and the British. They now Putin is in the capital with Assad. And trump is scared if he attaches all his secrets will be revealed. But the UK and France forced the USA.

S.C.P-1257 Operator-2679 says:

Thanks for telling us buddies

Rasheed Rashid Al Qalil Al-Adab /Adab Siz says:

Syria's military preparing? What a joke, lol

muffel baer says:

f..k all Americans

Brian Glover says:

idiots a plenty round here

alwill58 kief says:

I live in America. These White men are murderers. The military are white murderers.

Ickie says:

Here we go its kicked off! Lets smash the Regime once and for all.

junaid khan says:

its all fake and lie

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